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People Are Calling This 'The Worst Cup Of Tea They've Ever Seen'

People Are Calling This 'The Worst Cup Of Tea They've Ever Seen'

Honestly, a crime against Britishness.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

If you're someone with a sensitive disposition, we'd warn you to advert your eyes from this sorry sight now.

As we all know, us Brits are proud of our cuppas. The average UK citizen drinks around two cups of tea per day - figures that doubled over lockdown (we all needed a comforting cup in these distressing times).

But one person was left so affronted at they boyfriend's butchering of a brew that they shared his poor efforts on the Reddit forum, Casual UK.

This is probably the worst cup of tea we've ever seen.

We feel sick (
Reddit - Casual UK)

The watery tea isn't even vaguely tanned via the teabag, with milk floating pitifully like a layer of scum at the top of the black mug. It's such a crappy cuppa that not even a few biscuits could salvage that.

The person, going by the username Tumbleweeding, captioned the sorry state as: "Mourn the teabag that died for this brew my boyfriend made me."

Naturally, other Brits were left similarly stunned by the brew, with the photo quickly racking up over 2,800 comments.

We Brits take our tea seriously (

"Is he ok? He appears to have given up on life," one person asked, genuinely concerned about the tea-maker's wellbeing.

"And that's what's wrong with this country theeesseee days, zero pride in workmanship! Make British Tea Great Again!" a second laughed, while a third seemed particularly concerned about the milk floating at the top of the cuppa: "I think he added yeast."

"Did he make it from the cold tap? Did he reuse an old tea bag from the bin? I literally don't understand how it's possible to make tea that weak," a fourth mused, and a fifth joked: "Even the milk looks somehow wrong. It's like a low budget cosplay of a cup of tea."

How tea should be served (

However, one observer argued the boyfriend in question may have deliberately served up terrible tea.

"Make it s**t enough and he won't need to do it again," they said.

Well, if our boyfriend served us a tea that poor? We'd show him the door, asap.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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