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A Creme Egg Dairy Milk Bar Is Here And We Need it Now

A Creme Egg Dairy Milk Bar Is Here And We Need it Now

You can currently only get the gooey chocolate hybrids in Australia, but we have a source.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Christmas has come early for Creme Egg lovers. A Creme Egg Dairy Milk bar here and we know a way you can get hold of it.

The premise is simple: it's an ordinary Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate with a gooey Creme Egg flavoured centre. YUM, we think you'll all agree.

The bar is actually only available in Australia right now, but luckily for you we have a source.

The bars cost £6.99 for 180 grams. (
GB Gifts, who supply the UK with the tastiest, rarest and most exotic chocolate from far-reaching corners of the world, has just ordered in a batch of the bars.

But don't expect it to cost the same as your average Dairy Milk from Tesco.

These bars are imported all the way from the other side of the world after all, so an 180 gram bar will set you back £6.99 plus a flat rate of £1.99 for shipping.

That's just shy of £9 but you'll get a delectable - and très rare - bar of choc. Tell me that won't make the ideal Christmas present for your Creme Egg obsessed pal

The inspiration behind the hybrid bar. (
Our source at the confectionary seller tells us that the Crème Egg has always sold "really well" for them, and that it's currently stopped production in Australia until Easter - which only ups the ante on this one.

Get hold of a Creme Egg Dairy Milk bar here at GB Gifts.

In other amazing chocolate related news, you can now get hold of Lindt's Lindor truffles pix'n'mix in Sainsbury's across the country.

Just in time for Christmas, you can choose from mint, strawberry and cream, caramel, dark chocolate, mint, orange, hazelnut, white chocolate, coconut, sea salt and stracciatella.

Prices start at £3 for eight mix and matched truffles, increasing to £5 for 14 truffles or £10 for 28 truffles, which does work out pricier than selecting a pre-packed box.

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury

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