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Cornetto Launches New Bitesize Cone Tips Snack

Cornetto Launches New Bitesize Cone Tips Snack

The very best bit of a Cornetto is now available to buy separately!

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

With the weather starting to brighten up and picnic season just round the corner (rule of six, get ready!) we're already dreaming about an ice-cream snack.

While we absolutely love to chow down a Cornetto every now and then, sometimes we only really fancy their deliciously naughty chocolate-filled cone tips.

And it seems Walls has heeded our cries, with the company announcing they are releasing Cornetto's Tips as a standalone product.

Cornetto are now selling tips (

After a highly anticipated wait, the brand is (finally) sharing its best bit with Brits - just the 'tip' of a Cornetto - a five pack box of chocolate filled Cornetto Cone Tips.

The snack is available exclusively at Tesco and comes at £3 a pop, so be sure to stock up before the sun truly starts to shine,

The Cornetto Cone Tips are part of a wider snack range released by Walls, who have released several minis after research done by the brand revealed that people are snacking 26 per cent more than previously.

Just one Cornetto? More like 10 mini ones, please (

As well as the tips, Cornetto are also launching miniature cones Featuring chocolate and vanilla flavours in one £3 box of 10, the mini cones are still comprised of the delicious ice cream we know and love, a crunchy wafer cone and, of course, the chocolate-flavoured tip, all in snack-friendly form.

You can now treat yourself to a mini Cornetto (
Instagram - Cornetto)

If you're more of a Magnum fan, you may want to try the Magnum Bites. Each pack features twelve indulgent ice cream bites across three flavours: Classic, White Chocolate, and Almond, which are all covered in Magnum's infamous cracking shell and filled with its signature velvety ice cream - all for just £3.50.

Topping off the delicious ice cream snack launches are Walls' Ice Cream Bites, available in two flavours, Vanilla and Strawberry - with each box offering ten treats. The Bites are easy to eat and perfect for sharing with the whole family (or just to treat yourself with, if you're so inclined).

You can also treat yourself to mini Magnum bites (

Walls' UK Senior Brand Manager, Jeannie Richardson, said of the treats: "We know that Brits love snacking and miniature formats, so we're thrilled to be launching a delicious range of small bite snacks from some the nation's favourite ice cream brands.

"With exciting new products exclusively in Tesco, there's something for everyone to enjoy - especially as families and friends start to reunite, these are the perfect snacks to be shared and enjoyed together."

Featured Image Credit: Walls/Shutterstock

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