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Chopstix Is Hiring First Ever Salt And Pepper Chips Taster

Chopstix Is Hiring First Ever Salt And Pepper Chips Taster

Pan-Asian restaurant chain Chopstix is looking for someone to taste their new dishes - and they're paying in chips.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A British restaurant chain is hiring a chips taster, and, honestly, we think we've just found our calling.

If you love Asian food then even better, as this is a chip tasting job with a twist - a salt and pepper twist, to be precise.

Yep, Chopstix - which has more than 60 pan-Asian restaurants across the UK - is looking for a new recruit to play a vital part in formulating their new recipes, offering expert insights not only on their salt and pepper chips recipe, but also on a variety of their noodle dishes before they hit the main menu.

The best part is, the new staff member will enjoy a free year's supply of the new salt and pepper chips for helping out.

That's right, you can be paid in chips for eating chips. It really is a dream come true.

Could this be the job for you? (

"We're looking for someone with a serious passion for our awesome salt and pepper chips to help us shape the Chopstix menu over the next year," said Rob Burns, marketing director of the firm.

"They don't need any prior experience, but they need to know their crinkle-cuts from their curly-fries and be ready to turn up the heat on our Wok Master chefs.

"Not only will our new Chief Chip Tester get to be the first to sample any new dishes, but they will also get a year's supply of chips from any of our 60 locations across the UK."

Proving they take the job seriously, the chosen candidate will even be given a 'Chief Chip Tester' lab coat, created in the brand colours and embellished with the brand's iconic logo.

Chopstix is looking for a new staffer for the very special role (

Plus, the chosen applicant does not need to have any prior experience. All they will have to do is visit their nearest Chopstix every six months for a taste test.

To enter, applicants should email [email protected] and explain to the Wok Master chefs why they're the ones for the gig.

They should also include a photo proving their love of the chain, and - importantly - their dedication to salt and pepper chips.

Potential candidates have until midnight on October 31st to apply, so, you'd better get moving.

A year's worth of free chips awaits!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Chopstix

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