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This Caramilk And Mars Bar 'Sausage Roll' Is Blowing People's Minds

This Caramilk And Mars Bar 'Sausage Roll' Is Blowing People's Minds

It actually looks well lush.

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

Even if you're a big Caramilk fan, there are probably limits to what sort of whacky recipes you'd try to reinvent with the sweet treat. But this Caramilk Sausage Roll - also available in Mars Bar form - is here to push your boundaries.

A TikTok by @scribblefix, shows the creator place Mars Bar and Caramilk chunks in between pastry sheets to create a confectionary sausage roll. Check out the invention below:

Even initial sceptics will be low key won over by the audacity of such an invention. People in the comments had their minds blown.

One commenter said: "Mam you just did something deliciously dangerous".

"Bro i need this for when i'm on my period next, helllll ye", said another user.

People also gave their advice on how to subtly improve the creation.

A user commenter suggested: "Egg wash for a darker brown".

"Add cinnamon sugar at the end", recommended another.

This treat is the perfect mix of sweet and savoury (
TikTok - scribblefix)

The simple combos also made users think about how the recipe could evolve.

One TikTok user said: "imagine the fillings you can do, endless lol".

Another person said: "Would have been iconic to use wonka chocolate for this".

People are desperate to get their own sausage roll maker now (
TikTok - scribblefix)

The video even gave others inspiration about what they're going to make next.

"I have had this machine for over 6 months. VERY dangerous but oh so yummy. Tonight I'm making chicken curry puffs", said one commenter.

Someone else said: "Honest to god I bought this on the weekend for chicken pastry... NOT NOW".

Another person commented: "Yummy thank you so much I will make my fav Maccas apple and custard pie".

The possibilities for fillings are endless (
TikTok - scribblefix)

Other users are now sold on what they're next foodie purchase is going to be.

One person said: "OMG, I literally just opened TikTok to this and sorry but have a great day I'm off to Kmart".

An initial cynic also admitted: "Okay 1st terrible idea for chocolate but oiiii I want a sausage roll maker".

Some commenters were shocked that this food crossover was even allowed.

A user in the comment section simply said: "This has to be illegal, surely".

So next time you can't decide between a sweet treat as a snack or something savoury, don't choose. Just have both!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - scribblefix

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