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Cadbury Unveils Its New Easter Range Including Massive Tins Of Creme Eggs

Cadbury Unveils Its New Easter Range Including Massive Tins Of Creme Eggs

It is a little early to discuss Easter admittedly, but mini egg tubs are coming and we just can't contain our egg-citement.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Forget Christmas chocolate, we're in far too much of a hurry to get our hands on Cadbury's 2020 Easter range - which includes an entire tin full of mini eggs.

Yes, you did hear that right. Cadbury is launching new products for next Easter, including a mini egg tin and also one full of Creme Eggs.

We can't wait to get an entire tin full of mini eggs. (

Forget the standard hollow chocolate eggs, who needs those when you can have an entire tub filled with, in our opinion, the best chocolate goodies Cadbury has to offer?

At £5.99 per tub, we feel like it looks like a lot of chocolate for the money. Plus, it means the delightful sight of a household tub is no longer reserved only for the Christmas season. It will give us all the feels come April next year.

Creme Egg tubs for £5.99 are also on the way for Easter 2020. (

The Creme Egg tin includes 409g worth of treats, while the mini egg tub falls slightly shorter at 319g, but still sounds like it will keep us going for at least a couple of days.

Cadbury is yet to comment on whether the eggs inside will be full sized or mini versions though, nor have they offered a release date, so we'll have to wait with baited breath.

Dark chocolate lovers rejoice as you will be able to buy a Bourneville egg for £3.99 (

It's not the only mouthwatering addition to come to the brand in time for Easter though and if you're a dark chocolate lover, you're in luck.

A Bournville Easter egg will be hitting shops, too.

We remember when Bournville used to appear in the Roses tubs - now we just feel old.

Well, it must be a bit of a classic favourite as it's coming in an egg form for 2020.

The Dairy Milk bunny bar will come in an orange flavour too this year. (

The 115g boxed treat will include an egg as well as a single bar of the dark chocolate and will set you back £3.99.

We're more milk chocolate kind of people though, so the new flavour of the Dairy Milk Bunny bar is getting us more excited.

It will launch with a new orange mousse flavour for 65p per 30g bar - for those that want just a small treat, according to The Grocer.

Choca-Latte chocolate was designed by Callum Clogher who entered a Cadbury competition earlier this year. (

Not keen on Easter treats that are gone within ten seconds? Us neither. So the Choca-Latte egg might be the choice for you - a full sized egg with attached bars to polish off. Yum.

The original Choca-Latte bar was designed by Callum Clogher, who entered the Cadbury Go Madbury competition in 2019, that asked the public to design their own chocolate bar - and now it has been made into an Easter egg that will cost £9.99, according to The Grocer.

He nailed it with his egg-stravagant recipe that included chocolate, coffee cream and digestive biscuit pieces, seeing his design go into production and winning himself a year's supply of the bar.

And the good news is, if you want to be in with a chance of winning chocolate too, you can enter the competition again this year.

Whilst all these treats sound great, it's got to be the mini egg tub that's leaving us hopping around in excitement.

To be honest, we'd be all for a Christmas release. Mini Eggs are heaven and deserve a place on the shop floor all year round, if you ask us.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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