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Cadbury Is Launching Three New Dairy Milk Bar Flavours This Week

Cadbury Is Launching Three New Dairy Milk Bar Flavours This Week

Which one tickles your fancy?

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Cadbury has officially launched three new Dairy Milk chocolate flavours - coconut, blueberry and crunchy honeycomb.

The tasty new flavours are part of the chocolate brand's inventor competition, which means two of them won't be around for long.

Only one will be picked to remain as a permanent fixture.

Which bar will you get behind? (

Last year the very same competition brought us the iconic Choca-latte Dairy Milk after it won against all other flavours and came out on top.

Now, the hunt is on for another invention just as delicious.

So, it's time to start backing your Dairy Milk of choice, to ensure it stays on the shelves.

Dairy Milk Coconutty is made of milk chocolate with coconut crumble, and features white chocolate crisp pearls throughout.

The flavour was dreamed up by Gillian, 36, for her children.

Are you team coconut? (

Dairy Milk Out Of The Blueberry is made of milk chocolate and blueberry-flavoured nuggets, and also includes white chocolate crisp pearls.

Taylor, 24, also had her little one in mind when inventing this one, revealing her son is "obsessed" with blueberries.

There's also a blueberry flavour (

The final chocolate bar is the Dairy Milk Crunchy Honeycomb bar, which is made up of milk chocolate with golden crunchy honeycomb pieces, caramel flavoured fudge and chopped hazelnuts.

It was created by 19-year-old student Shannon, who was after an "extra sweet" treat to tuck into. Yum.

Honeycomb flavour is for those with an extra sweet tooth (

All three bars are set to land in stores from Wednesday, July 8th. They will be sold in Tesco stores nationwide - then they'll also be released into other supermarkets from Wednesday, July 22nd.

The 105g bars will cost £1 each, and after munching on all three flavours, Cadbury is asking you to vote for the one you want to be crowned champion.

You'll have until September 6th to do so, on the Cadbury Inventor website or via Cadbury UK's Twitter and Facebook pages.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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