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The Creme Egg Trifle Is Back In Time For Easter

The Creme Egg Trifle Is Back In Time For Easter

Easter is still three weeks away but the Creme Egg trifle has already been spotted in shops.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Easter might be three months away, but Cadbury has already brought back its Creme Egg trifle for the fourth year.

The giant dessert, aptly named 'Layers of Joy', the ginormous dessert is then finished with cream as well as a Creme Egg fondant topping.

While Cadbury say it's technically a 'sharing dessert', fans claim it's not difficult to finish off the lot in one sitting and we can definitely believe it.

Breaking the news over its return, Instagram page @kevssnackreviews posted an image of the dessert in Poundland.

The chocolate connoisseurs are also selling a white chocolate Oreo egg that you can buy right now.

The scrumptious chocolate egg was spotted by the Instagram food account @newfoodsUK, and rather than wait for Easter, they unwrapped the egg and cracked it open.

It looks like the white chocolate Oreo egg has a very thick shell which contains small pieces of Oreo biscuits and chocolate. Yum.

The Cadbury white chocolate with Oreo Easter egg is listed on Tesco's website at £3.00 and it is suitable for vegetarians.

Cadbury's white chocolate Oreo Easter egg (

The two new flavours join the existing line up of Cadbury Cake Bars which includes milk chocolate and caramel, as well as limited-edition seasonal flavours.

The chocolatey Crunchie Cake Bars boast a delicious chocolate sponge, topped with honeycomb flavoured créme and honeycomb pieces, coated in milk chocolate.

Another new scrumptious offering is the sweet Fudge Cake Bars, which are made up of a light chocolate sponge, topped with fudge flavoured créme and fudge pieces, coated in the company's classic milk chocolate.

Creme Eggs have made an early return this year (

The mouth-watering new flavours come in a pack of five individually wrapped cakes.

If you happen to be on the lookout for more Oreo-inspired treats, the Oreo O's breakfast cereal launched last month. With crunchy cocoa 'O's and vanilla flavour discs, Oreo O's are inspired by all the characteristics that Oreos are best known for.

Looks like Easter came (extra) early this year!

Featured Image Credit: Morrisons

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