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Cadbury And Oreo Unveil New Christmas Biscuit Range

Cadbury And Oreo Unveil New Christmas Biscuit Range

Cadbury has just brought out its Christmas biscuit range featuring tonnes of family favourites.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Chocaholics, take note: Cadbury and Oreo have collaborated on a brand new biscuit ranges for Christmas, and they sounds truly delicious.

Available now from the Cadbury website, as well as a range of supermarkets across the UK, the tasty range is perfect for Christmas gifting - or just snacking on yourself!

You can bag a Cadbury and Oreo Assortment Box for £6, packed full of - you guessed it - Cadbury and Oreo biscuits.

Expect chocolate chip cookies, chocolate fingers and multiple Oreo flavours inside.

This Cadbury assortment is filled with chocolatey goodies (

Perfect for any Christmas spread, the super cute Oreo Seasonal Tin (£6) shows the biscuits in wooly hats, with their white insides exposed, looking like penguins.

Filled with classic, chocolate and golden Oreos, this tin is perfect for a true fan of the American biscuit.

Costing £2.99, the Oreo Selection Box is also packed full of all your faves - from classic, golden, milk chocolate and white chocolate covered.

Meanwhile, there's a Cadbury Dairy Milk Fingers Great Big Gift Box (£6.50) which is basically a seasonal essential.

Filled with nothing but loads and loads of Cadbury Fingers, this box will ensure there is always something to snack on throughout the holidays.

The range is not one to miss (

While you're at it, mix up your order with some Snowy Fingers, too. These come in a £1.39 or box or a slightly bigger (230g) box for £2.69.

Made with a tasty blend of white and milk chocolate, these limited edition treats are perfect for those of us who like the best of both worlds - or just those who have a really sweet tooth.

The Celebrity Festive Friends biscuit box will set you back £1.79, and feature an array of mouthwatering wintry shapes, from Santa to a Snowman covered in chocolate.

Oreo Snowy Enrobed Biscuits (£2.79) are perfect for all white chocolate fans.

Meanwhile the Oreo Yard (£3.19) is exactly what it says on the tin, making the perfect gift for any biscuit fanatic on Christmas day.

We think we'll take them all please. It sounds like it's going to be a very tasty Christmas.

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury

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