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You Can Now Get Oreo Cheesecake And It Looks Delicious

You Can Now Get Oreo Cheesecake And It Looks Delicious


Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Oreo fans, listen up! You can now buy Oreo cheesecakes and we need them in our lives immediately.

The brand new mini cheesecakes come in packs of two and feature a creamy vanilla filling on a crunchy Oreo base and loaded with crushed Oreo biscuit pieces.

Just look at them... drool.

Oreo cheesecakes now exist (
Money Saver Online)

Ever since the cheesecake pots were released earlier this month, fans have been going wild for them, with one Instagrammer summing up our thoughts perfectly: "What when how? OMG I need it in my life."

Another wrote: "Dreaming about that Tesco Oreo cheesecake that I had last week."

They can be found in the fresh aisle at Tesco, where they'll set you back £3 per pack.

And that's not all. Not only have we been treated to Oreo cheesecakes, but there's also new Daim and Toblerone versions included in the range too.

The Daim cheesecake is filled with mouthwatering crunchy Daim pieces and a milk chocolate topping, while the Toblerone cheesecake offers a chocolate flavoured biscuit base topped with that iconic Toblerone choc.

In other very important news, Oreo has released a new ice cream cone. It features a generous scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, smothered in an Oreo biscuit coating and sitting in a crunchy Oreo cone. Yum!

It's smothered in an Oreo biscuit coating (

It's filled with even more ice cream - and loaded with tasty crunchy Oreo cookie pieces for the ultimate indulgent treat.

The new cone is currently available at Asda, for £3.50 for a pack of four - but it will be rolled out to other supermarkets nationwide soon.

Oreo fans, it seems like there's plenty of treats to choose from!

Featured Image Credit: Tesco

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