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You Can Now Get A 4.5L Tub Of Ben & Jerry's For Just £3.50

You Can Now Get A 4.5L Tub Of Ben & Jerry's For Just £3.50

Now this is a bargain!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We love Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but let's face it - unless it's on special offer, it can seem like an extravagant buy - especially when we manage to work our way through just one pot so quickly...

But now, you can now buy a 4.5 litre tub of the good stuff for just £3.50 - which is cheaper than the usual 465ml pots which RRP for £4.50.

Britt bought the ice cream at Heron Foods in Oswaldtwistle (
Britt Gemmell)

According to Hot UK Deals, you can snap up the huge, industrial-sized tubs at Heron Foods, with one particular shopper finding a tub of Moophoria Chocolate Cookie Dough in a Coventry branch.

Meanwhile, another shopper, Britt Gemmell, told Tyla how she found a tub of the delicious ice cream in Heron Foods in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

And Ben & Jerry's fans have been going wild at the discovery, with one calling it the "deal of the millennium" and another saying they were even considering driving 35 miles to their nearest Heron Foods, just to snap one up.

Another reported the tubs are available at a Middleton store, with a shopper explaining she had managed to pick up a honeycomb flavour.

And apparently, according to fans, they're also available at select B&M stores, too - so if you don't live in easy reach of a Heron Foods, it's certainly worth scoping out your local B&M.

Fans have also been taking to Twitter to voice their shock and excitement. One person wrote: "So who's gonna find me the ben and jerry's in a 4.5".

In other very exciting ice cream news, earlier this month we told you how Ben & Jerry's has launched a brand-new, limited edition ice cream called Chip Happens.

Made in partnership with Netflix's baking show Nailed It!, the creamy creation is a concoction of luscious chocolate ice cream, fudge bits and, er, crunchy potato chips.

Available in Asda at £4.50 per tub, the ice cream promises to be sweet, salty, rich and crunchy all at the same time. We wonder if it'll be getting a 4.5 litre version any time soon?

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