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There Is Now A Buddy The Elf Themed Cereal With Maple Syrup Flavouring

There Is Now A Buddy The Elf Themed Cereal With Maple Syrup Flavouring

It's a Christmas dream come true.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

You can now buy Buddy The Elf themed cereal with maple syrup flavouring, and if that doesn't scream 'Christmas is here' then nothing will.

Yep, UK shoppers can now purchase General Mills cereal inspired by the film Elf, and it sounds about as sweet and sugary as you'd expect.

The U.S.-based food company launched the limited edition variety of its corn puff cereal for the holidays, also featuring green and pink Christmas tree marshmallows.

If you want to make your breakfast a little more Elf-inspired then why not combine with spaghetti and chocolate sprinkles, as well? You know it's what Buddy would do!

In America, a mid-sized box of the cereal costs $2.50 (£1.91) and a family-sized box will set you back $3.99 (£3.05).

The cereal is only sold officially in the US (
GB Gifts)

But it costs a little more if you want it overseas, seeing as it's not officially available for purchase in Europe.

Curator of delicious foreign goods, GB Gifts, has managed to bag some family sized boxes, and they're selling for £9.99 each. Grab one here.

Sure, it sounds a little steep, but imagine pulling one of these out of your stocking on Christmas Day!

There's a variety of holiday cereals on site (
GB Gifts)

This isn't the only festive cereal on site. You can also get your hands on Cap'n Crunch's Christmas Crunch Sweetened Corn & Oat Cereal - a seasonal edition of the much-loved US product.

The box also features "fun holiday shapes" alongside its corn bites, and retails at £9.99.

Plus, in honour of Halloween, there are plenty of spook-tacular cereals on offer, too.

For one, General Mills' limited edition Boo Berry cereal is back for the Halloween season, packed full of artificial berry flavoured frosted cereal and monster marshmallows.

Also at £9.99, the product has somewhat of a cult-following in the US, and the brand also makes a Franken Berry flavour, inspired by (you guessed it) Frankenstein.

It seems there really is a cereal for every occasion...

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