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You Can Now Get Paid £40,00 A Year To Eat Biscuits

You Can Now Get Paid £40,00 A Year To Eat Biscuits

We might as well get paid for something we do already.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Over here in the UK, we're pretty serious when it comes to our biscuits.

Chocolate digestives, custard creams and ginger nuts are just a few of the classics that accompany our cups of tea - but how would you feel about eating biscuits for your actual job?

Well, the question isn't just hypothetical - biscuit company Border Biscuits is on the hunt for a new Master Biscuitier to join its team.

Fancy getting paid to taste biscuits? (

With an impressive salary of up to £40,000 , the lucky applicant will have the all-important job of taste-testing Border Biscuits' delicious range and helping launch brand new products from the kitchen.

All in a day's work!

The chosen candidate will also have a role in helping to lead the team in driving innovation, quality and sustainability throughout the business. We like the sound of that!

Paul Parkins, Managing Director of Border Biscuits, said: "This is an incredible opportunity for someone to fulfil their dream of creating delicious treats every day and of course, be paid for it!

"The successful candidate will be crowned our Master Biscuitier and lead our passionate team in creating delicious ideas for new biscuit creations.

"We're encouraging people from across the country to apply and look forward to interviewing some great talent."

The chosen candidate will be making £40,000! (

Unfortunately, not just anyone can walk into the dream role of taking biscuits for a living without some qualifications. Doh.

Biscuit Borders require their applicants to have a HND/Degree level qualification in either Food Science, Nutrition or food-related studies as well as experience of managing food product development, preferably in confectionary/bakery.

They'll also need to have scientific and practical experience with bakery products and processes and be proficient in IT, such as using Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel.


If successful, the lucky candidate will get a ton of bonuses on top of their £40k salary, including 35 days holiday per annum and discounts in thousands of retailers.

What are you waiting for biscuit lovers?

To apply to be Biscuit Borders Master Biscuitier click here.

Featured Image Credit: Picrepo

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