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You Can Now Get Paid £400 To Make And Drink Cocktails At Home

You Can Now Get Paid £400 To Make And Drink Cocktails At Home

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Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Fancy getting paid to sip on delicious cocktails from the comfort of your own home? Silly question, perhaps?

Well, one company is offering lucky tasters this exact chance.

Boozy Events is looking for feedback on its new cocktail menu and will pay members of the public to have an ingredients pack delivered to their house, before making cocktails, tasting them and giving feedback.

Each applicant will be expecting to test eight cocktails (

Each applicant will be paid £100 per feedback session, with four cocktails in total to review.

Yes, instead of all your money going on cocktails, why not make some while sipping them instead?

Reviewers will be asked to assess the drinks based on their education (whether you learnt a new skill or technique from making them), packaging, presentation and flavour.

"Once our head mixologist has taken into account all the feedback received, we will decide to either finalise the cocktail recipe or make a tweak.

"In the event of a tweaked recipe, we will send out another ingredient pack and recipe cards so you can provide us with further feedback on whether the tweaks have improved the experience," the events company explains.


Feedback is submitted via an online portal where you will be asked to grade the experience on the criteria mentioned, along with images and video which explain your feedback in more detail.

The role is open to anyone res 18 or above who lives in the EU, while Boozy Events say they are ideally looking for someone with a "passion for cocktails".


To apply, Boozy Events say: "We want to see how critical you can be.

"Please submit a review about a cocktail you have previously had and to stand out be sure to upload some pictures or a video too!

"Try submitting a video review of you praising a delicious daiquiri or absolutely roasting a horrible martini. We want to find someone that has both a passion for cocktails but also adds some character."

Bare in mind, the role has already had over 300 applicants - so you'll have stand out from the crowd to be in with a chance.

Good luck!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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