Biscoff Sourdough Is Now A Thing And It's So Easy To Make

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Biscoff Sourdough Is Now A Thing And It's So Easy To Make

Biscoff fans, we have just discovered your next lockdown bake - and you might want to sit down for this one.

It combines our eternal love of the cult caramel biscuit for our current penchant for sourdough baking in lockdown by simply combining the two.

Yes, Biscoff sourdough is here, and it's peak 2020.

Look how good this looks! (Credit: Felicity Nadin)
Look how good this looks! (Credit: Felicity Nadin)

To paint a picture, the stunning bake sees your normal loaf of crusty sourdough jazzed up with Biscoff chunks running through it and a Biscoff spread lava centre which oozes out from the surface when baked.

Just wow.

The genius creation was first conceived by foodie Felicity Nadin, who shared how to make the hybrid bake of our dreams with Tyla.

The bake takes around seven hours in total, so block out a day to do this - but we promise it will be so worth it. Labour of love, and all that.


Anyway, here's how to do it...


  • 400 grams of strong white bread flour
  • 100 grams of sourdough starter
  • 100 grams of crushed up Biscoff biscuits
  • 100 grams of smooth Biscoff spread
  • 250 mls of water
  • Salt

How to make Biscoff sourdough

Begin by crushing your Biscoff biscuits and combining most of them with your with the 400 grams of flour (sieved) in a bowl. Just make sure you leave some Biscoff crumbs aside for dusting later.

Add your 100 grams of sourdough starter. For best results, make this from scratch or borrow off a baking friend. Once added, fold the flour over a bit, but don't mix.

Add your sourdough starter (Credit: Felicity Nadin)
Add your sourdough starter (Credit: Felicity Nadin)

Next, add your 250 mls of water. Squeeze and push down your mixture to combine it, but don't knead it too much. Then, leave your dough for 30 minutes to rest.

After 30 minutes, prepare a wet surface (splash some water down or use a mister) and turn out your dough. Add some more water to wet the dough then wet your hands to stop it from sticking.

Begin your first stretch and fold of the dough. This is a sourdough technique to create those amazing bubbles you see inside.

Simply use your hands to pull the dough outwards, one side at a time and then fold the corner on top of the dough. Repeat with the other sides of the dough - around four times in total.

Once you've stretched and folded for the first time, leave it to rise for 30 mins (Credit: Felicity Nadin)
Once you've stretched and folded for the first time, leave it to rise for 30 mins (Credit: Felicity Nadin)

Once that's done, you need to leave it for two hours to rise. "In the two hours it should hopefully rise and then you can do another stretch and fold," says Felicity.

Once the time is up, incorporate your salt by sprinting on the work surface before placing your dough on it.

Now for the fun part. Before stretching and folding again, slightly flatten your dough and grab a spoonful of your Biscoff spread and place in the middle.

Stretch and fold again over the centre so the spread is in the middle. "Sometimes it's a good idea to pinch the dough in the middle so it doesn't unfold," advises Felicity.

Rest your dough for another two hours.

When this is done, flour your surface and add some Biscoff dust. Place your dough on to it, and finally add some more Biscoff crumbs on top.

Put some greaseproof paper in a dish, using oil or water to make it stick, and trim the edges. Your dough is now ready for it's final prove for 30 minutes.

"Normally what I'd do is leave it for half an hour and in that half an hour I'll preheat the oven [to 220 degrees]," says the baker.

When ready, bake for one hour.

Crusty sourdough with bits of Biscoff running through it... Mmm (Credit: Felicity Nadin)
Crusty sourdough with bits of Biscoff running through it... Mmm (Credit: Felicity Nadin)

After an hour, not only will your home be smelling of delicious bread and sweet Biscoff, but your delicious bread will be ready to eat.

Felicity's loaf came out with a Biscoff spread lava eruption, but of course, every bake will be slightly different.

Depending on how much you fold it at the spread stage, yours might have a hot caramelly surprise in the centre. Either way: mmmmm.

Felicity recommends serving the bread 'triple Biscoff' style, which involves spreading Biscoff spread on a slice and dusting it with more Biscoff crumbs - which we can entirely get on board with.

Heaven on earth (Credit: Felicity Nadin)
Heaven on earth (Credit: Felicity Nadin)

There's our Saturday plans sorted.

Featured Image Credit: Felicity Nadin

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