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Everyone's Making Biscoff Fudge In Lockdown And It's So Easy To Do

Everyone's Making Biscoff Fudge In Lockdown And It's So Easy To Do

If you've exhausted every possible baking trend out there and don't mind jumping on another social media bandwagon this lockdown, then we have just the thing for you.

EVERYONE is making Biscoff fudge right now - and the beauty of it is that it's so easy to do.

It sees delicious white chocolate fudge infused with flavours (and actual pieces!) of the Belgian biscuit which achieved cult status last year and was enjoyed in just about every form from spreads to ice creams.


Just look at these...


Cake maker Chloe Digweed (aka @chloedcakes) shared the method with Tyla, and it sounds super simple.

All you need is 400g white chocolate, one can of condensed milk, one heaped table spoon of Biscoff spread and 15 to 20 crumbled Biscoff biscuits.


Simply pour the condensed milk into a pan, and add the white chocolate. Melt together on a low heat mixing continually until thick.

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Then, once the chocolate is fully melted, add the table spoon of Biscoff spread and the crumbled up biscuits.

People Are Making Biscoff Ice Cream And It's So Easy To Recreate

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Have a tray lined with baking paper ready and pour the mixture into the tray spreading it out quickly to get into all the corners.

If you like, you can then drizzle the fudge with extra Biscoff spread and add some biscuits for decoration, like Chloe.

Then, simply refrigerate for 3-4 hours or over night. How easy does that sound?


The chocolate and condensed milk can easily be purchased in most supermarkets, whereas Biscoff's spread and cookies can be bought at Tesco or elsewhere online.

And fudge isn't the only way sweet-toothed folk have been using the cookie in their cooking since lockdown.

Yes, the Belgian biscuit has also been given the Dalgona treatment.

Dalgona coffees - the whipped coffee that originated from Korea - have been trending on social media since lockdown, with everyone trying their hand at the super simple (yet big impact) method.

To make it, just add two to three spoonfuls of melted Biscoff spread into a bowl, add half a cup of whipping cream (you can add some extra sugar if you have a really sweet tooth), and simply grab your mixer and whisk until it is "fully incorporated and very fluffy" and serve over iced milk.

Our love for Biscoff knows no bounds!

Featured Image Credit: @chloedcakes

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