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Ben & Jerry’s Now Make Floats For Eating Ice Cream In The Bath

Ben & Jerry’s Now Make Floats For Eating Ice Cream In The Bath

This is the must have ice cream accessory we didn't know we needed...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

After a stressful day, do you ever feel like you just want to run a hot bubble bath then put on a movie and gorge on a whole tub of ice cream? Us too.

So when we discovered that everyone's two best pals Ben and Jerry had found a way for us to do two of these things at the same time, we were totally game.

Introducing The Tub Floaty: an inflatable rubber ring which will snugly fit a tub of Ben & Jerry's while floating on water.

It really is as practical as it sounds.

You can now eat ice cream in the bath (
Ben & Jerry's)

The must-have ice cream accessory we never knew we needed has been launched as a limited edition freebie alongside the low fat Moo-phoria range.

You can buy this in a variety of flavours, including Chocolate Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel Brownie, Caramel Cookie Fix and Chocolate Cookie Dough.

A limited supply will be available to fans who submit their details on the website or in the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Soho, London, when purchasing a scoop of Moo-phoria ice cream.

Ice cream is the perfect addition to bath time (

The promotion is available online from today until 28 October, but there's only a limited amount of floats, so you'd better be quick!

And if you're lucky enough to get a float, you could be in for an added bonus - a Ben & Jerry's 'Inside Scoop' card will be given to one person, entitling the holder to unlimited chunks and swirls from their Soho Scoop Shop for a whole year.

The ice cream comes in a range of flavours (
Ben & Jerry's)

Tsega Abate, Flavour Guru at Ben & Jerry's said: "Well this is it, minus the puppies. Now you and your tubs can both float merrily alongside one another in an ice cream-filled haze."

We're sold.

Featured Image Credit: Ben & Jerry's

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