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Baileys Launches Boozy Chocolate Blondie Bars

Baileys Launches Boozy Chocolate Blondie Bars

Adding a drop of Baileys to snack-time? We’re in

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

With 2020 being a complete and utter mess so far, we're all looking for new ways to indulge ourselves.

And, thankfully, we've found just the ticket with these brand new boozy blondie bars, brought to us from Baileys.

These delicious sweet treats are made up of blondie cake mix, smothered in a rich mild chocolate and topped off with a delightful drizzle of Baileys frosting.

The blondies are sold in packs of four (

What makes a blondie different to a brownie? For those among us who aren't as cake-obsessed, blondies use vanilla instead of cocoa for a lighter flavour.

Blondies also tend to pack a sweeter punch, with an extra helping of brown sugar for the sweet-toothed.

These blondies are particularly boozy, with an additional helping of Baileys buttercream making these particular cakes strictly adults only.

These goodies come individually wrapped and sold in packs of four - so you'll have a tough time trying to make them last.

Early reviewers have raved about the new snack, with one savvy shopper Helen sharing her thoughts on the blondies on Instagram.

"Absolutely loved the combination of blondie and baileys buttercream and it was surrounded in a decent layer of chocolate," she said, as she shared a close up of the cake bar.

Fans were quick to add they were tempted to add the blondies to their shopping cart next time they hit the supermarket.

The blondies are filled with buttercream (

"Wow!" wrote a follower. "Must get these for Christmas!"

A second drooled: "Yum, I love any kind of chocolate cake bars - so delicious!"

"And so the hunt begins," one joked, before tagging another Baileys enthusiast in the comments.

The blondies are especially gooey (

Baileys Chocolate Treat Blondie Bars are available for £1.50 at ASDA and Tesco.

In other snack-related news, Cadbury has announced they are releasing a Mini Eggs chocolate bar in time for Easter 2021.

The tablet-formed chocolate bar will be stuffed with crunchy, pastel coloured eggs.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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