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Aunt Bessie's Is Now Selling Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

Aunt Bessie's Is Now Selling Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

The frozen Yorkshire pudding brand has just answered all our hopes and dreams.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

Aunt Bessie's is selling Yorkshire pudding wraps and they could be about to change the way we eat sandwiches forever.

The frozen Yorkshire pudding brand has added the bases to its range so that customers can add tasty toppings and roll it up into a delicious wrap.

Alternatively, you could throw some toppings on there with some and then pop it in the oven to create a fluffy based pizza, which quite frankly sounds incredible.

The Yorkshire pudding wraps are only available in Morrisons at the moment, where they cost just £1.50 for two, which we reckon is a bit of a bargain.

The release comes after a dramatic increase in the demand for Yorkshire puddings in the form of a burrito wrap.

High street food chain EAT recently announced the launch of its festive wrap, which consists of an entire Sunday roast wrapped inside a Yorkshire pudding and we couldn't think of any better way to consume what is arguably (definitely) the most delicious meal in the world.

But Aunt Bessie's is the first brand to offer customers the opportunity to create their own delectable wraps at home, without all the faff of making your own Yorkshire mix, of course.

However, the Yorkshire pudding wrap doesn't have to be filled with a Sunday roast and there's bound to be a filling to suit everyone's tastes.

Personally, we're not sure we'll ever be able to go back to the standard form of sandwich ever again.

Featured Image Credit: Aunt Bessie's

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