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ASDA Is Opening Greggs Stores Inside Its Supermarkets

ASDA Is Opening Greggs Stores Inside Its Supermarkets

Sausage roll while shopping? Yes please.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

They say you should never go food shopping when you're hungry. But if you do find yourself perusing the food aisles with a rumbling stomach, ASDA has your back.

The supermarket giant is opening Greggs bakery stores *inside* its supermarkets and we'd argue it's one of the best ideas we've ever heard.

In fact, now we think about it, it makes total sense. After all, being surrounded by food is bound to make you peckish, and we've lost count of the number of times we've fancied a quick snack during the shop.

More often than not, we'll pick up a treat to rip open as soon as we're in the car park.

The brilliant plan is being rolled out next month in five ASDA supermarkets - Boldon, Corby, Huyton, Wigan and Eastlands.

Did your local ASDA make the list? (

As the launch is currently in the very early stages, it's unknown when the bakeries might be popping up in other stores, or if and when the plan will be rolled out nationwide.

In fact, it's suggested that the decision will be made based on how successful the trials are - so if your local supermarket has made the cut, get yourself down there

From sausage rolls, to the vegan steak bake, the stores will be selling all our favourites and we've got a feeling the roll out is going to be mega popular - so, fingers crossed it arrives in more ASDA stores as soon as possible.

ASDA's chief strategy officer, Preyash Thakrar, explained: "We are constantly looking for new ways to increase customer choice.

"By partnering with brands that fit with our core values of great quality and great value - like Greggs - we're excited to be able to give our customers access to something new in store that we know they will love."

The brilliant plan is being rolled out next month in five ASDA supermarkets (

Meanwhile, Greggs' Raymond Reynolds said: "We know that high quality food-on-the-go and convenience go hand in hand, and this trial gives us the opportunity to bring our range of products to more customers in new locations."

Tyla has reached out to both Greggs and ASDA for more info. Here's to hoping it reaches our local ASAP.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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