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ASDA Is Bringing Back McVitie's Chocolate Orange Digestives

ASDA Is Bringing Back McVitie's Chocolate Orange Digestives

And shoppers are loving them already.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

If you were a fan of McVitie's chocolate orange biscuits then you're in luck: ASDA is selling the beloved flavour once again, and the treats cost less than £2 per pack.

The chocolate orange biscuits have been spotted on ASDA shelves in recent days by shoppers, who are going wild over the latest addition to the supermarket's confectionery aisles.

The classic biscuit base is infused with orange flavouring, all coated in a layer of plain milk chocolate.

The biscuits, which are suitable for vegetarians, are priced at just £1.50 a pack.

They can be found in ASDA stores in the confectionery aisles as well as on the website if you are doing an online food shop.

Instagram account @Kevssnackreviews first spotted the biscuits in store, and it seems shoppers can't wait to try them.

He wrote, "McVitie's Chocolate Orange Digestives are back at @asda!" and fans of the biscuits couldn't contain their excitement that they are back on shelves.

"Oh MY god! Why have we never seen these?" wrote one eager shopper, while another fan declared: "Dreams really do come true!"

"CHOCOLATE ORANGE DIGESTIVES SAY WHUTTT," wrote another fan in the comments section.

McVitie's digestive biscuits come in a plethora of other flavours, including dark, milk and plain, vanilla or chocolate cream and even ones with a layer of caramel.

These milk chocolate orange ones are going straight in our biscuit tin.

Featured Image Credit: ASDA

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