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ASDA Is Selling Chocolate Orange After Eights And They're The Perfect Christmas Treat

ASDA Is Selling Chocolate Orange After Eights And They're The Perfect Christmas Treat

These look truly scrumptious and you bet we have them on our Christmas list!

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

The winds of Christmas are just around the corner and ASDA are selling just the stocking filler - mint and orange After Eight chocolates.

Yes, the beloved Nestle chocolate has released a twist on the classic peppermint sweet treat that is sure to have choc fiends thrilled this festive season.

The limited-edition flavour sees a citrus twist added to the peppermint sweet and features slices of orange on the standard dark green box.

Currently, the new chocolates are on-sale in ASDA stores nationwide for £2 alongside the original mint offering.

Unfortunately, the limited-edition isn't available to buy online so get to your nearest ASDA branch pronto.

The limited-edition chocolate first appeared on NewFoodsUK Instagram and had the sweet toothed among us divided by the flavour.

Although many were excited for the festive-inspired treat, others feared that the new taste would be like "toothpaste and orange juice" mixed together.


"Xmas game", penned one delighted chocolate lover.

While another unsure follower shared: "Not sure how I feel about mixing these two."

The news comes after Coca Cola announced a new festive clementine flavoured Diet Coke.

Over the years, the soft drinks giant has branched out into all kinds of variations of its beloved fizzy drink, which includes ginger and lime, mango, blood orange and cherry.


And now they have a created a special limited-edition Christmas Diet Coke for fans, which will be available to buy from mid-October nationwide.

The new festive flavour will be available in 500ml and 1.25ml bottles so fizzy drink lovers can enjoy the clementine addition to their heart's content.

Like all Diet Coke versions, the new flavour contains no calories and no sugar, and its ingredients mean it's suitable for vegetarians.

Kris Robbens, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain told PRETTY52 of the new addition: "For current fans of the brand who love new flavours and those who are looking for something new during the festive season, we're excited to announce the launch of a new limited-edition flavour, Diet Coke Clementine.

Coca Cola

"Full of festive flavour and with no sugar, it's the perfect drink for the lead up to Christmas."

Featured Image Credit: Nestle

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