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You Can Get A Litre Of Baileys For £10 This Weekend

You Can Get A Litre Of Baileys For £10 This Weekend

ASDA's Black Friday Baileys deal will set up your drinks cabinet for the festive season.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

You can get a litre of Baileys for £10 at the moment, as part of ASDA's Black Friday deal.

Yep, while bottle of the cream liqueur this size typically costs £20, ASDA was already selling it at the bargain price of £12, which is 40 per cent off.

But, for this weekend only, you can bag it for 50 per cent off, as it will be on sale for just a tenner.

The deal will be running across all 600 ASDA stores in England and Wales this weekend, from Friday (November 19th).

You can get half price Baileys this weekend (

And it will be available at the slashed price until November 22nd, so you have a few days to run down to the supermarket and bag a bottle or 10 for the holidays.

You can work out your nearest branch using this handy store locator tool.

If you're partial to a Baileys at Christmastime then you won't find cheaper elsewhere.

Morrisons is currently selling the £20 bottles for £12, but they're expected to raise it back to £20 on November 24th.

Plus, unlike ASDA, shoppers are only entitled to one bottle each at the reduced price, and the second will cost the RRP.

Time to stock up the Christmas cabinet (

Meanwhile, Sainsbury's is also running to £12 promotion and you can stock up on as many as you want - a good deal, but £2 more pricey than ASDA.

Tesco's Baileys comes in more expensive at £15 a bottle. While this sounds pricey compared to ASDA's £10 litre bottle, it's still got a healthy £5 shaved off the overall RRP.

If you're a Clubcard holder you can also get the drink for £12.

However Ocado's Baileys will set you back the full price of £20, with no discounts in place.

So, there you have it. Those of you wishing to stock up the drinks cabinet this weekend would still be better off heading to ASDA.

Drink responsibly, folks!

Featured Image Credit: Baileys

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