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Aldi Pricing Error Sees Mini Sponge Tarts Go On Sale For £7,000

Aldi Pricing Error Sees Mini Sponge Tarts Go On Sale For £7,000

Good for your tastebuds, not so good for your bank balance.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Aldi is known for its very reasonable prices...usually.

But one shopper was left stunned when a pack of mini sponge tarts were on sale for staggering £7,000.

Posting the Casual UK Reddit account, one Redditor, with the username 'machinehead332' shared a picture of Mr Kipling's Mini Sponge Tarts retailing for £7147.03. Yikes.

That's quite the hefty price tag (

The store had reduced the nine-pack of cakes for just 79p.

While it was clearly a typing error, fellow Redditors found the whole debacle hilarious, and were quick to jump in on the joke in the comments.

"To be fair, that is a huge discount," one wrote. "I'm fuming I spent seven grand on those last week."

"They're delicious, I had two packs," another said. "I'm now bankrupt, but it was worth it."

These are the delicious tarts on offer (
Mr Kiplings)

A third joked: "Instructions unclear, invested life savings in Mr Kipling's Sponge Tarts."

Well, we have heard they're exceedingly good...

Tyla has contacted a spokesperson from Aldi for comment.

In other Aldi news, the budget supermarket is selling a range of new furniture for your pets.

Those looking to spend several long, hot sunny days in the park with their pet pooch shouldn't be without these sunshade loungers for dogs.

Titled the Sunshade Dog Bed, the bed provides sun protection of UPF 50 and is designed to keep pets cool and elevated off the ground, with a removable canopy that provides shade and protection from any glare. Easily portable, the bed comes with a handy carry bag, ideal for owners who are out and about.

The cat egg chair is set to be popular (

And at the bargain price of £19.99, it's perfect for long days out in the park with your little pal!

If you're more of a cat person, then you've not been forgotten either.

As part of Aldi's new Eco Pet range, the cat egg chair has arrived - made from hand-woven natural wicker and hanging from a strong metal frame.

The chair promises not only to be a secure place for your cat to perch, but also optimum comfort, with a removable inner cushion.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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