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Tiramisu Flavoured Aero Truffle Is Now A Thing

Tiramisu Flavoured Aero Truffle Is Now A Thing

So this sounds incredible…

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Let it be said there is no greater flavour combination than chocolate and coffee.

While we do have a soft spot for chocolate and orange, which has come into vogue recently, there's just something about the rich, creaminess of chocolate combined with the bitter bite of coffee that makes it unparalleled.

The Aero Tiramisu chocolate bar is rich and creamy (

So allow us to drool all over these delectable-sounding new chocolate from Aero, which has managed to combine our two greatest loves in one convenient bar.

The Aero Truffle Tiramisu milk chocolate bar is a new way to experience chocolately bliss. Combining caramelized white chocolate, coated in a milk chocolate shell, the chocolate bar is enriched with bubbly coffee flavoured truffle centre which instantly melts in your mouth.

The bars can be easily broken apart and shared with loved ones, but when it sounds this good, we'd be keeping every square of this chocolate to ourselves.

The bar has the rich chocolate chocolate flavour of the popular dessert (

The Aero Truffle Tiramasu, which was released in January this year, was brought to our attention by Instagram account @NewFoodUK, which managed to snaffle a preview of the rich bar.

Describing the taste, the review account wrote in the caption: "As huge coffee lovers, we absolutely loved how strong the coffee flavour was in this bar - perfect texture and the caramelised white chocolate works so well with the coffee flavour!"

Naturally, the review account's Instagram followers collectively lost their minds at the description of the new chocolate bar, tagging their friends in the comments as they begged to try it.

"Omg, oh I can't wait to try this!" said one chocoholic, while another added: "Imagine what that tastes like.

"I want it!" chipped in a third, while a fourth said: "I could eat this chocolate all day long."

The Aero Truffle bar, which also comes in chocolate mousse and Black Forest Gateau flavours is unfortunately unable to buy in the UK at the moment (boo).

Chocolate and coffee are an unparalleled flavour combo (

However, if you are desperate to give it a try, there is a way you can get your hands on a bar. are selling the 105g bars for £3.99, after having imported them from Canada.

Brb, we're just putting in a bulk order.

In other chocolate news, Ambrosia has announced they are releasing a limited edition chocolate orange custard to drizzle over our desserts for Easter time.

You can read a bit more about that here.

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