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Women Are Raving About This £1 Foot Peel But The Photos Aren't Pretty

Women Are Raving About This £1 Foot Peel But The Photos Aren't Pretty

Summer is coming, which means there's going to be a lot of sandals and bare foot situations to prepare our feet for.

So it's little wonder women across the UK are going mad for foot peels, the latest footcare fad which sees a whole layer of skin removed. And the result? Baby soft feet.


The products work by soaking the feet in a formula - usually containing salicylic acid - via slip-on boots. After around a week, the feet begin shedding their dead skin thanks to the deep-soaked formula. But we'll warn you, the photos aren't pretty...

The footcare trend has seen dozens of feet-shedding products being wheeled out by beauty brands, ranging from the budget to premium.

One particular option from Poundland proving a hit with ladies across the country. Derma V10's Exfoliating Foot Peel, costing £1 in the budget store, promises to remove an entire layer of dead skin after a 90 minute treatment.

You simply insert your feet in the 'boots' provided, which are filled with a salicylic acid, tea tree and peppermint formula, and relax for an hour and a half while it gets to work.


Perfect excuse to put your feet up or what?

Users won't notice a difference straight away, but within a week the dead skin is said to start peeling, until eventually, you have a completely new-looking pair of tootsies.

Sharing their experiences on the Poundland Appreciation Society Facebook group, dozens of women have raved about the product.

"These are amazing. They work really well. Also really enjoy peeling the skin off!" one woman wrote.

"I've used them and bang on 7 days later they started to peel which was 1 week ago and they are still peeling almost all done but they feel amazing now [sic],"another reviewer said.

Another added: "Well worth a pound. I've bought family and friends some too. [sic] I was going around saying I was I'm shedding. Takes a while for anything to happen but when it does be prepared."

For some ladies, the peeling process lasted, um, a little longer than the expected.

"How long do they peel for mine will be 3 weeks today since they started peeling? [sic]," one woman asked the group. "My feet are still peeling 3 weeks later it's just annoying me now [sic]," another said.

For one woman, her feet were still peeling a month later. "Still peeling a month later the top of my foot looks like a shedded snake skin," she said.

While a large portion of women praised the foot peels, there were a few reviews that reported sore feet and bleeding toes. "I did mine last Thurs and started peeling Sunday to the stage my toes are bleeding and so painful," one unhappy customer wrote, adding, "Never again".

While Derma V10's foot peel is the cheapest on the market (it costs £1 in Poundland and 89p in Home Bargains), there are tons of other foot peels available thanks to the growing popularity in the treatment.

Another option, although more expensive, is Footner Exfoliating Socks, sold for £19.99 at Boots. The product has currently receives an average of 3.9 out 5 stars online, with a ton of positive reviews.

You could also opt for Skin Republic Foot Peel Mask with Foot Socks, costing £9.99 at Superdrug, which has received 3.8 out of five stars from customer reviews.

Sure, peely feet isn't exactly the most attractive vibe, but the foot peel hype is convincing us to give it a go. Are you on board?

Featured Image Credit: Derma V10

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