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Garden Glamping Is The Latest Lockdown Trend You Need To Try

Garden Glamping Is The Latest Lockdown Trend You Need To Try

There's our weekend plans sorted.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Ever look at coronavirus and think: nice timing, pal?

We'd feel a lot less bitter about the pandemic if it had come around in the winter, when we were shacking up in our cosy homes by choice, not literally just as summer has arrived.

Instead, we're currently yearning for all the things we loved to do during during summer - from barbecues, to picnics, festivals and camping.

But not all is lost: we've discovered one lockdown activity that looks set to give us a small slice of summer in our very own back gardens.

Garden glamping is trending right now, and it's the chicest way to spend the weekend outdoors (all while staying safely at your home).

Lovers of the great outdoors aren't letting the pandemic get in the way of their leisure time, instead setting up tents and camping in their own back gardens - and we're seeing some seriously pretty results.

Think luxe teepees decked out with with plush cushions, bell tents decorated with fairy lights and tents transformed into outdoor home cinemas.

Just look at these lot...

After all, the major bonus of camping out in your own back garden is that you don't have to load your stuff into a car and travel miles to unpack it all - you can literally just bring your home comforts outside!

Plus if you run out of supplies (*cough* booze), your home is just metres away for you to restock.

It might not be the same as camping in a field, but it makes a nice (dare we say, even better?!) alternative in these times.

Featured Image Credit: @theglampingproject/Instagram

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