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​Valentine's Day Trees Are Perfect For Those Who Still Don't Want To Let Go Of Christmas​

​Valentine's Day Trees Are Perfect For Those Who Still Don't Want To Let Go Of Christmas​

Now that Valentine's trees are a thing, you needn't bother taking down your Christmas tree.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Ah, January. As if the thought of Christmas being over wasn't miserable enough, we are then tasked with taking down our beloved tree.

This depressing fact is, no doubt, why many people are taking a stand against letting the festive season come to an end, by keeping up their trees and simply swapping the decorations to give them a Valentine's Day makeover.

The aesthetic, judging by Instagram posts, seems to be very much 'more is more' with people piling their faux trees high with love hearts, fake flowers, red and pink baubles and even feather boas.

Kerry piled her tree high with love hearts (
Karina's tree is Valentine's Day embodied thanks to its pink and red theme (

It's enough to perk up any dreary January feelings and get you in the mood for Valentine's Day, or Galentine's if you prefer on 13th February.

Kerry Bravoco from Florida, US, said of her tree: "During Christmas, we're always busy and it goes by so fast, there's hardly time to enjoy it all, especially the tree.

"I've often thought about enjoying it a bit longer and creating a Valentine's Day tree.

Jady whipped up a garland and cardboard love hearts to make the tree season-appropriate (
This tree is piled so high you can barely see green beneath (

"Why not? In this world, we should celebrate love more. So, this year, I transformed my Christmas tree into a Valentine's Day tree and I'm thrilled with it! It will now be a beautiful new tradition in my home."

Why not indeed!

Speaking about the trend, interiors expert Vanessa Arbuthnott ( told Tyla: "What a brilliant way of displaying your Valentine paraphernalia.

Jasmine is making a Valentine's tree an annual thing now (
This slimline tree doesn't take up too much space so is convenient to keep up for a long period of time (

"This is a perfect way to make use of your tree if you can't bear to take down. Keep in mind that this wouldn't work well with a real tree as all the needles would have disappeared by January."

Sadly, we're in the real Christmas tree club so we can't trial the trend this year. But we're keen to give faux a go next time if it means we can keep our tree up until February!

Featured Image Credit: Pxhere

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