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Vagina Baubles Are The Latest Trend Here To Spice Up Your Christmas

Vagina Baubles Are The Latest Trend Here To Spice Up Your Christmas

If you're looking for some interesting Christmas decorations these felt vaginaments look like they will be perfect for spicing up Christmas.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

If you want to spice up your Christmas a bit, why not buy yourself a very tasteful looking felt vagina Christmas tree decoration.

Have you ever looked at your tree and despaired because it just looks like everyone else's and when you've tried to mix it up a bit nothing quite does the job?

Well, we have a feeling these decorations will definitely get your Christmas dinner guests talking and take your tree decoration to a level you never thought it would reach.

You can now buy vagina ornaments to cover your Christmas tree in. (

Named 'vaginaments' the anatomical baubles are available on Etsy store FeltMelons and range from £17-£19 per ornament with shipping to the UK costing £5.67.

Each vagina is hand made with felt and there is a huge choice of colours available so you will definitely find a cheeky decoration to suit your colour scheme.

To make sure they are extra festive some of the ornaments are decorated with snowflakes and each one has a little bell nestled inside.

The vaginaments are handmade with felt and have a little festive bell inside. (

Don't worry if you have grandparents coming round for Christmas dinner though, as the ornaments are subtle enough to go unnoticed unless you proudly point out the array of vaginas placed on your Christmas tree.

The genius decorations have been created by Suzanne McAleenan, who lives in Ontario, Canada.

On the page, she explains that the decorations evolved when she tried to make her children's teachers some woodland animal ornaments and realised she wasn't very talented in that area.

The vaginaments are also available as a keyring. (

Suzanne writes: "I thought nothing of whipping up a few animal ornaments. Well. Turns out I'm not so much an animal ornament maker.

"Felt penis ornaments happened (I was watching a Liam Neeson movie!). Then Vaginaments (I have a friend whom I didn't want to feel left out!)."

The ornaments also have some amazing reviews from customers who love their new vaginas for their tree. One customer wrote: "She's so fierce. Artemis is not my first vaginament purchase and she won't be my last! Best gifts ever!"

Another added: "The absolute cutest little thing and I can't wait for it to be up on my Christmas tree this year!"

"Could not be more pleased with my purchases. My friends loved their gifts and my Christmas tree is gonna look banging this year with my vaginament on it," added another customer.

You can also buy the vaginaments in key ring form for £17 just in case you want to share it with everyone in public.

Featured Image Credit: Etsy/FeltMelons

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