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Couple Transform Old Rundown House Into Beautiful Home

Couple Transform Old Rundown House Into Beautiful Home

Frankie Seamark and Connor Mallows showed how they took their house from 'inhabitable' to a 'dream home'.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A couple managed to turn their rundown derelict home into an unrecognisable "dream house" after two years of renovations.

In stunning photographs, showing before and after snaps of the property, couple Frankie Seamark, 27, and Connor Mallows, 26, showed how they took their house from 'inhabitable' (as it was deemed by mortgage lenders) to a stunning place to start a life together.

When they moved into the property, in Wellingborough, Northants., it came with aged wallpaper, a dirt-ridden bathroom and overgrown front and back gardens which had been left untouched for years.

The couple spent two years renovating the home (

But the pair saw the potential in the £175,000 home nonetheless, and so they put five years' worth of savings into the property and began renovating it.

The determined couple spent the next two years working on the home while sticking to a tight budget - ripping out walls, stripping the wallpaper, sorting out the garden and painting the entire house.

Now, Tesco manager Frankie and heating engineer Connor are finally living in their dream home, which doesn't even look like the same property.

The kitchen was completely redone (

Frankie said: "We knew that we didn't want to buy a new build because we wanted a house with a bit of character and we have a lot of people in our family who work in different trades so we decided to renovate an old house.

"We couldn't afford a house that was already done up so with the amount we already had saved between us, we needed to find somewhere that would be cheaper and that we could do gradually.

"We struggled to find somewhere to give us a mortgage as the house was classed as inhabitable because it didn't even have a toilet so we had to fit that before being accepted.

The bathroom looked brand new (

"It was a complete wreck - the house had been completely emptied out, there was dirt and mould all throughout and it was just disgusting."

While many would have been put off by the state of the property, Frankie said they worked slowly but surely to bring it back to life.

"We started the renovations straight away but we only had £1,000 left between us after paying the deposit for the house so we had to do a little bit each month," she explained.

You wouldn't even recognise the living room (

"We started by ripping out the kitchen, bathroom, walls and completely clearing the front and back garden which hadn't been cut for years; we did most of it ourselves."

"We moved in in January and we only have a few bits left to do; we wanted it to be very open plan and modern with a bit of retro mixed in," she added.

The couple are now "so happy" with how the property has turned out.

If this isn't proof that any house can become your dream home, we don't know what is! What an incredible job they did.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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