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Woman Transforms Her Bathroom Into Pretty Woman-Themed Heaven For Under £100

Woman Transforms Her Bathroom Into Pretty Woman-Themed Heaven For Under £100

A savvy shopper proved there's no limit how much you can transform your bedroom on a budget.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Home decorating can sometimes feel like an arduous and expensive task, but one woman has shown is all it takes is a little imagination to completely transform your home.

Turning her bathroom into an eclectic neon jungle on a budget, shopper Jolie Angel took inspiration from Pretty Woman as she decked her bathroom with art-deco lights, signs and prints from Poundland and Primark for under £100.

Travel worker Jolie, 33, from Bishopstoke, Southampton, said she was inspired to deck the room out after seeing a canvas from the iconic film in an art shop in Southampton.

Her bathroom was inspired by the art-deco hotel in Pretty Woman (

She then continued collecting, and was inspired to make the bathroom as 'extra' and 'art-deco' as possible, with the hotel from the film in mind.

"I just kept thinking about the amazing hotel room in the film so, I went for it and painted it all pink with some gold accessories, very Beverley Hills," she told

The bathroom features a flamingo shower curtain and wall art everywhere (

"The more I did, the more it looked like a Miami art deco motel and from there I just wanted it to be 'extra'.

"I covered the tiles with Fablon, which was £4 from B&Q, and added battery-powered lights which cost between £2 and £8 from Primark and Poundland.

Jolie's bathroom is now a neon paradise (
Jolie's bathroom is now a neon paradise (

"Over the following months I would just spot little trinkets from charity shops and Poundland and add them."

It's not just Jolie's bathroom which is decorated to the max, as shed's tried to give each room in her home a theme.

"My home is an eccentric creation of bits from Poundland, car boot sales and hand me downs," she added.

The walls are now completely covered with goodies Jolie has collected (

"After theming my dining room to an American 50s diner - a room I've wanted since I can remember - I got motivated and addicted to heavily theming rooms in my house.

"I will scout boot sales, Poundland, Home Bargains and even skips for bits and bobs to use and the ideas flow the more bits I find."

Want to copy Jolie's bathroom for yourself?

Here's where she got her top buys from:

  • The gold mirror - £3 charity shop
  • Curtains - meter of fabric £4 Fabric Land.
  • Candles - £1 pack of 4 Poundland
  • Novelty ashtrays - Poundland £1
  • Love light - £2 Poundland
  • Summer light - £8 Primark
  • Radio - biscuit tin £2 charity shop
  • Paper globe light- £1 Poundland
  • Skull light - £1 Poundland
  • Bath oils - £1 Poundland
  • Pink string lights - £2 Primark
  • Pink paint - £8 B&Q
  • Palm light - £4 Primark

Brb, we're popping down to Poundland.

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