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​Woman Creates Incredible Glittery Stair Case

​Woman Creates Incredible Glittery Stair Case

Her fabulous new staircase cost her just £36.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

DIY projects are not something many enjoy, but we think we could 100 per cent get on board with it if it meant we ended up with a fabulously glittery home.

Clever mum Adele Randles did exactly that, after becoming tired of her old staircase that needed some serious TLC.

But she gave it a lot more than that, by revamping it and making it shimmery - and it only cost her £36!

The 43-year-old didn't think a fresh lick of paint or some panelling was enough for the staircase that had endured years of wear and tear, so she set about giving it a little something extra, by using glittery Fablon (sticky back plastic) to upgrade it.

The full-time mum from Englefield Green, Surrey, first became irked by her stairs thanks to the peeling white paint that looked unsightly.

Adele said: "The staircase is the first thing you see as you walk into the house so we wanted to give it a makeover.

"We had previously used Fablon on our kitchen and thought we would give it a go on the stairs.

"Each roll of Fablon was £9 from Wilko and I used four rolls, it was as easy as that."

Adele painted a thin layer of silver paint to the stairs before adding the sheets - but only once the paint had dried.

The Fablon helped create the shimmery appearance of Adele's stairs (

She said: "I did it over a few days as I didn't want to rush or make too much mess.

"I had to measure, stick it [the Fablon] on and then cut it to fit the stair perfectly."

Adele added that her friends and family have been gobsmacked by the results.

She said: "Everyone loves them, I've had non stop compliments and people asking me to do theirs."

We're not sure she'll be doing too many house makeovers though as she admitted it really 'tested her patience'.

The before shot: Adele's painted stairs were looking tatty thanks to old peeling paint (

"My next step is to add lights onto the side of the stairs to make the glitter stand out in the evenings," she continued.

"The reactions I've had from friends and family have been amazing, [...] people have been there with their mouths open and eyes wide.

"My daughter has even said she feels like a princess walking up the stairs."

Can you please squeeze our stairs into your schedule next Adele? Our hallway could do with some brightening up.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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