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Argos Is Selling Fluffy Heated Throws To Keep You Warm This Winter

Argos Is Selling Fluffy Heated Throws To Keep You Warm This Winter

This is going to be our saviour this winter...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

It's getting to that time of year where wooly jumpers, hot chocolate and slippers just won't suffice. Try as we might we're still shivering away in front of the TV all winter.

And it doesn't look like temperatures are about to rise any time soon...

So we were thrilled to discover Argos is now selling fluffy heated throws - the perfect way to take that winter insulation to the next level.

Made of velvety microfleece, the throw can be plugged into the mains, and takes just 5 minutes to heat up, meaning you can warm yourself in no time at all.

Sometimes a glass off coffee just won't suffice

It has six heat settings too, and responds to temperature changes while you're relaxing, meaning it's totally safe.

The clever throw also has a timer with auto-shut off, perfect for if you're planning to doze off with it on. Warning: You almost certainly will.

If you want one for yourself, they're currently for sale on the Argos website from Relaxwell by Dreamland for £49.99, in a variety of colours from teal to grey to black.

John Lewis is selling the same throw for one penny more, while a cheaper alternative made by the brand Warmer can be found on Amazon for £39.99, however this does not use the same auto adjust temperature technology.

The Dreamland blanket has six heat settings

Superdrug also sell a smaller heated lap blanket for £34.99 if it's just your legs you want to keep toasty.

While we're talking about products to keep you warm, have you got a pair of microwaveable slippers yet?

We'll admit it's a weird concept to put shoes in the microwave, but bear with it, once you've slipped your feet inside it will all make sense.

Amazon have a similar product too
Warmer/ Amazon

Gently scented with lavender, the warming sensation instantly soothes and relaxes tense and tired feet - and studies show that having toasty tootsies can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

The cosy slippers cost just £19.99 at Prezzybox and the reviews are as warm as your feet will be.

That's two more products for our Christmas list...

Featured Image Credit: Argos

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