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Women With Eczema And Rosacea Are Hailing This Bodycare Collection A 'Miracle'

Women With Eczema And Rosacea Are Hailing This Bodycare Collection A 'Miracle'

And the before-and-after pictures speak for themselves really.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Trying to find a product that is actually effective with your eczema is arguably just as frustrating at the itchy, dry patches it causes on your skin.

But the internet is currently raving over the skin-clearing properties of a number of products from one fake tan brand, and the before-and-after images truly speak for themselves.

According to its users, a plethora of products from Aussie skincare Eco Tan have managed to banish both persistent eczema and rosacea.

And a number of customers have shared the results of using the scrubs and lotions from Eco Tan on the company's Instagram account.

Raving about the Eco Tan coconut milk (£28.09) and pink Himalayan salt scrub (£28.92) for clearing up persistent eczema on her legs, one woman revealed she now felt confident enough to wear shorts for the first time in years.

She shared: "The salt cleaned and HEALED the wounds, and the Coconut Milk, while it wasn't very moisturising due to the face that my skin was like sand paper, it really nourished my skin and make it look so healthy after just one day! I can now wear shorts in public for the first time in like.. years."

Another raved: "I honestly cannot thank you guys enough for your products!

"I have tried countless creams on my eczema with no luck. However three applications of your Coconut Body Milk and like magic my eczema is gone! I seriously cannot believe it."

Eco Tan's products are all vegan and cruelty-free, made only from certified organic and natural ingredients for sensitve skin.

It's not just eczema either, as one woman heaped on the praise for the Glory Oil (£39.95) for clearing up her rosacea, which prescription creams and ointments hadn't budged.

And somebody else claimed scars left from spider bites had also been banished with the help of the Glory Oil.

You can view the full Eco Tan collection here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Eco Tan

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