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Valentine’s Hair Is The Beauty Trend That's Captured Our Hearts

Valentine’s Hair Is The Beauty Trend That's Captured Our Hearts

Get ready to crush hard.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Just four weeks into 2020 we've already seen the likes of Strawberry Crème, Rose Gold and even My Little Pony tresses - but the latest trend has truly captured our hearts.

Please get ready to crush hard on... Valentine's Hair.

It's glittery. It comes in pastel shades of pink and peach. It's spangled with brightly coloured hair gems.

If this hair style was a person, it would write its phone number in pink gel pen on a note and pass it to you in class.

Sure, it may not be the most practical trend filling up our Instagram feeds, but then, when did love have anything to do with practicality? Valentine's Hair, we heart you in a very big way.

So, how is this look achieved on a technical level? Those gems look like they could be fiddlier to apply than a pair of false eyelashes after a few too many pinot grigios.

Step forward hair stylist and and special makeup effects artist Hayley Gittins, who explains how to achieve the look yourself.

"If you want to go for a peach or pink base, then your hair will need to be pre-lightened or naturally blonde," says Hayley. "The lighter the hair, the more intense the colour will be."

For this, she recommends using a tinted shampoo that will "nourish and moisturise your hair while adding a subtle hint of colour".

Alternatively, you could try semi-permanent hair colour cremes

"These can be used on pre-lightened or blonde hair, and should be combed evenly through hair after shampooing before rinsing thoroughly," adds Hayley.

"For a speedy wash in, wash out option, try a colour spray like Schwarzkopf's Live Cotton Candy Hair Colour Spray in 'Pink Pastel'," adds Hayley.

That's the colour sorted. What about the decorative bits?

"You can buy hair embellishments like the heart shaped gems pictured from places like Hobbycraft, Amazon and Etsy," advises Hayley. "I often use a bridal equivalent of these in wedding hair.

"Usually the gems are attached to tiny coils which can be easily fixed to the hair and slipped out afterwards. You can also buy the gems and coils separately and make your own - Blue Peter style!"

"If you want to add glitter to the look, first spritz hair with hairspray - John Frieda or Got2Be are the best in my book - and gently sprinkle the glitter through.

"You can get loads of amazing biodegradable glitters now. I would choose one that has several colourways in the mix for extra texture. Finally, spritz the glitter with hairspray to seal the glitter in place."

We're in love. Hobbycraft, here we come.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram @hairbylydiagray / @monarchhairco

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