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Two-Tone Hair Is Perfect For Indecisive Types Who Can't Make Up Their Minds

Two-Tone Hair Is Perfect For Indecisive Types Who Can't Make Up Their Minds

The new year is a great time to switch up your hair colour, but frequently we're left struggling to choose between two different hues.

Not with two-tone hair, though. Also known as half-and-half hair, this look is the ultimate hairstyle for all the indecisive types out there.

Whether you fancy an even split of white blonde and Parma Violet tones, or a combo of neon orange and hot pink, this is the vibrant yin-and-yang of hair dos.


The style also brings a flash of bold colour to cold, grey January - and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Giving Tyla the inside track on how two-tone hair is created, Sapphire Driver, Brand Manager and Colourist at hair colour emporium Bleach London, says: "This look is achieved on hair that has been bleached to a clean, pale blonde.

"This means that the colours applied can have the same depth, vividness or pastel tone.


"The hair is sectioned into two and the colour carefully applied so as not to mix the colours together. When it is ready, it should be rinsed with cold water to stop the colours from running into each other."

If you'd like to request this look in your local salon, Sapphire advises asking for "two-tone or half-and-half hair".

"The hair needs to be fully bleached to achieve this look, so you'll need to have blonde hair already or book in for a full bleach," she continues.

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With extreme, intentionally artificial looking styles like this, Sapphire stresses that it's important to think about how each of your chosen colourways will grow out.

"You can opt for a subtle tonal difference in the colour or two completely different colours.

"The only thing we would recommend is that the colours both have the same level of depth to avoid one colour fading loads faster than the other one," she explains.


For two-tone styles, aftercare is crucial to maintain health and vibrant colour.

"If you want to top up the colour at home by yourself, ask your hairdresser what colours they advise are best to maintain the tones," advises Sapphire.

"Carefully separate the hair into two sections to apply and refresh the colour. Use a tint bowl and brush for easier application - our Eco-Conut Tool Kit is perfect for this. Rinse out with cold water.


"There are coloured or tinted shampoos to help maintain pastel tones (like Rosé or Awkward Peach) but you'll need some patience to use them on either section of your hair when using in the shower," she continues.

"Alternatively, visit your hairdresser two to three weeks after your initial appointment to have the colour refreshed.

"Avoid high heat, strong sunlight or harsh shampoos to keep the colour looking it's best."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @bleachlondon / @arcticfoxhaircolor

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