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TikTokers Try To Dye Their Hair With Perfume And It Doesn't Go Well

TikTokers Try To Dye Their Hair With Perfume And It Doesn't Go Well

For goodness sake, please don’t do this.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

TikTok has introduced a series of weird (and some wonderful) trends into our lives - from wearing our bikini bottoms as tops to even hatching our own pets from supermarket eggs.

But there is one trend you should absolutely not be doing.

We mean it. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

One TikToker has convinced others that spraying perfume on straighteners and then using them on your hair will change your hair colour.

TikTok celeb Agbe shared a video of her spraying her straighteners with perfume, blowing it dry and then straightening a thick strand of her blue hair - which turned pink.

However, as thousands have since flocked to try the trick themselves on TikTok (with notably no difference to their hair colour), hair care expert, Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush, has warned people away from spraying their perfume on hot hair products.

This is a hoax and absolutely does not work (
TikTok - agbe)

"We all like to experiment with our hair colour from time to time, and with lockdown beginning to ease, it's understandable why many people are looking forward to trying out a brand-new colour as we embrace the world opening up," she told Tyla.

"However, you should avoid following in the footsteps of the latest TikTok hack that sees women spraying perfume directly onto hot hair straighteners to change the colour of their hair.

"Not only will this not work as an effective way of noticeably changing hair colour, doing so will inevitably cause damage and could lead to hair loss if it's already in a fragile state."

It should also be noted that eagle-eyed TikTokkers have spotted pink powder on Agbe's straighteners - and that hers do not even appear to be turned on.

And by spraying a flammable liquid by heated appliances, Nicole warns you're more at risk of injury than a bright new hair colour.

"Perfume contains alcohol, which is highly flammable," she explains. "Ethanol, which is the primary alcohol used in perfumes, has a flash point of approximately 16 degrees Celsius.

"Considering most hair straighteners can get up to around the 200 degrees Celsius mark, it's clear to see how this hack could easily become a fire hazard."

If you're looking to temporarily freshen up your 'do, Nicole recommends sticking to more traditional methods of dye as opposed to random TikTok hacks from strangers.

"Use hair chalk or colour spray as a safer alternative when switching up your look," she says." If you have light blonde hair, however, do be wary of potential staining that could be caused by using these products.

"Alternatively, get in touch with your hairstylist, who can best advise on how to refresh your colour and avoid long-lasting damage."

And if you want your hair to smell rich, luscious and fresh, Nicole advises you use a hair mist rather than strong perfume.

"The alcohol present in perfume will dry hair out," she says. "Whereas hair mists are specifically designed to hydrate the hair and provide UV protection while giving hair a pleasant scent."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - agbe

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