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The Ordinary Is Boycotting Black Friday But Offering 23 Per Cent Off All November

The Ordinary Is Boycotting Black Friday But Offering 23 Per Cent Off All November

They’ve actually got a really important reason.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The Ordinary is bucking retail trends by boycotting Black Friday this year, offering a new kind of November discount instead.

The cult beauty brand, owned by Deciem, will be joining its sister companies NIOD and Hylamide in offering a new kind of pre-holiday season sale, due to concerns that Black Friday is not "consumer-friendly".

In a statement released on Instagram, Deciem said: "A 23 per cent discount is now available across every product from every brand at, and at our cosy standalone stores around the world.

"The saving will be available for the next month, so there really is no need to hurry."

The Ordinary and all the Deciem stores will be offering a discount instead (
The Ordinary)

The discount will be available all month round both in store and online, with the exception of 29 November, when Black Friday traditionally takes place.

Instead, all Deciem stores will temporarily shut down on this day, in what they call a 'Black (out) Friday'.

"Hyper-consumerism poses one of the biggest threats to the planet, and flash sales can often lead to rushed purchasing decisions, driven by the fear of a sell-out," they explained.

"We no longer feel that Black Friday is an earth or consumer-friendly event, and have therefore decided to close our website and stores for a moment of nothingness". ⁣⁣

The Ordinary products are almost a quarter the price as normal this month (
The Ordinary)

This is the first year that The Ordinary haven't taken part in Black Friday - which is an event which started in the US on what is considered the first official day of Christmas shopping.

Last year they struggled to keep up with demand from the sales, leaving many without the products they set out to buy.

It comes as sustainable fashion and beauty is rightly becoming much more of an issue for buyers.

Well done to The Ordinary for pathing the way. If you need to stock up on your skincare essentials, now might well be the time...

Featured Image Credit: The Ordinary

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