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Tequila Sunrise Is The Delicious New Hair Colour To Try Now

Tequila Sunrise Is The Delicious New Hair Colour To Try Now

When life eventually resumes to normal, we have a feeling we're going to be seeing brightly-coloured heads of hair wherever we look.

Experimenting with colour has emerged as one of the most popular activities during lockdown, with ladies and gents alike dyeing their hair a spectrum of colourful tones.

One we're loving at the moment is a zingly hue we've dubbed tequila sunrise hair.


The colour creation is named after the delicious holiday cocktail it shares its colours with, made from tequila, orange juice and grenadine syrup. But you didn't need us to tell you that.

Much like the drink - which is served unmixed to give a satisfying sunrise effect in your glass - tequila sunrise hair sees locks dyed a stunning red and orange ombre.

Just look at some of our favourites we've spotted online...


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If you'd like to give tequila sunrise hair a go yourself, Tyla has tapped SALON64 colourist Dylan McConnachie for the lowdown.

"Tequila sunrise is the perfect combination of peachy pink and tangerine," says Dylan. "This bold new look is ideal for those with warmer skin tones as it won't leave you feeling washed out."

The colourist warns that those with dark hair will have to go lighter before they can apply colour, in order for it to really pop.

"If you are naturally dark, you will need to go lighter to achieve this tone, or it will fade quickly," he says.


For the colouring part, why not try Crazy Colour's Fire for the red and Orange or Caution UV (a shocking yellow) for the ends?

Of course, achieving a good ombre on your hair takes some skill, so if you can't wait until your favourite salon reopens, we suggest doing a lot of research on techniques before taking dye to hair.

"I would recommend getting the tone refreshed with a semi-permanent toner and shampoo with colour protect shampoo," Dylan suggests for aftercare.


"To keep your hair healthy, make sure you use a masque to condition the hair as much as possible."


Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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