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Super Noodle Hair Is The Tastiest Beauty Trend Of 2020

Super Noodle Hair Is The Tastiest Beauty Trend Of 2020

Hear us out...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We never thought we'd see the day, but Justin Timberlake may have been on to something with his now-famous Super Noodles hairdo.

The 'do - which JT rocked in NSYNC's 'I Drive Myself Crazy' music video in 1999 - gained Internet fame a few years back when someone wisely compared it to the dehydrated instant noodle snack.

Super Noodles are in vogue, apaz (
Wikimedia Commons)

Well, now might be a time to brace the hairdo is popping up on our Insta feeds.

Characterised by crimped and corkscrewed locks bleached within an inch of their life, the unusual style is mainly being used for avant-garde photo shoots and for strong-hold dancer hair.

But just how do you achieve Super Noodle hair at home? Tyla spoke to Hannah Munford, Advanced Colourist and Stylist at MAYFIVE Hair.

"There are a couple of ways to get this look," Hannah tells us. "One way is to get an actual chop stick or a pintail comb and wrap very small sections around it. Then, use your straighteners to clamp up and down applying heat to the hair."

Another way is to use a very small curling want - Hannah recommends one from Babyliss specifically for tight curls.

"Keeping very small sections, curl through the hair," says the stylist, adding: "For this look it's helpful if you have an extra pair of hands as it takes a little long than usual!"

To keep the hair in place all day, Hannah says it's all about the prep. "I would recommend prepping each section with hair spray to help hold the curl.

"If you want to wear the curls more natural, you can tease them out slightly with a back combing brush and add texture spray or dust."

"We're seeing more looks like this in 2020 with celebrities sporting and enhancing their natural curls as well as crimping and tonging for bigger, bolder hair statements," explains the stylist.

So, there you have it: JT was the ultimate trend setter. Who knew?!

Featured Image Credit: RCA Records

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