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Strawberry Creme Hair Is Perfect For Girls Who Don't Want Christmas To End 

Strawberry Creme Hair Is Perfect For Girls Who Don't Want Christmas To End 

'Strawberry Creme' is the newest hair trend to take over our feeds for 2020...

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

It's the time of year when we can put our feet up, watch plenty of Christmas films and consume a diet made up of mainly mulled wine and Quality Streets.

And for those of us still hanging onto the threads of Christmas once it's all over and done with, here's a hair trend we can certainly get on board with.

'Strawberry Creme' hair is the newest beauty trend to come out of Crimbo - and it looks as delicious as it sounds.

Inspired by the berry cream-filled Quality Street of the same name, 'Strawberry Creme' is a soft pink hue that's set to take over our Instagram feeds in 2020.

The pale pastel works on lighter coloured hair (think frosted glaze style vibes) but also creates a more subtle look for darker hair, too.

With tones of different hues of pink to create an all-over strawberry look, yet not quite as bold as 'Candy Cane' hair, it's no wonder that the colour is gaining popularity.

So, how do you achieve this stunning colour on your own hair?

Hair stylist Anne Veck, who owns the Anne Veck hair salon in Oxford, gives Tyla the low-down on the hue.

She said: "This trend moves on from a simple one colour coverage, to a delicious effect of combining a darker root stretch into lighter tones overlaid on a peach base."

"Just like shimmery pink Christmas trees that catch the light and look incredible!"

"The beauty of rose blush and ballet slipper pastel hair is so gentle and pretty that I think that if colour could have a touch sensation, it would be like satin. Smooth and beautifully soft."

Anne suggests that the depth of colour you can achieve is dictated by your base hair colour.

"Your natural hair shade will determine whether you go for a powdery baby pink hue or a deeper mulberry shade," she suggests.

"Pigment will have to be removed completely from your locks before pink dye is applied, so these popping transformations are easier for fair heads."

"However, that didn't stop Kim Kardashian, and so it can definitely be done for brunettes too," Anne adds.

To minimise the damage that bleaching can do to hair, Anne said it might be worth going for an ombre look so that only the ends are bleached.

It's also important, for those considering going all-over pink, to get it done professionally, suggests Anne.

"Visiting a salon is a definite must if you want to change from dark hair into pink princess."

Those with peachy skin tones suit warm pinks with hints of orange and yellow, Anne says, while cooler skin tones are flattered by blue or violet bases like magenta or fuchsia.

And to keep your hair in tip-top condition?

"Make the pink pop for longer by staying away from sulfates in shampoo and conditioners as these will strip the colour out of your hair quicker."

"If you have a mingling of pink shades, then head to your salon for another injection of colour, or embrace the fade into perfect pastel spectrum."

We can't wait to try this.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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