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Salons Are Finally Beginning To Charge The Same For Men And Women's Haircuts

Emma Rosemurgey

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Salons Are Finally Beginning To Charge The Same For Men And Women's Haircuts

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When it comes to getting a good haircut, most women are used to paying through the nose - it's just one more thing on the long list of things that are more expensive for females.

Whether it's pink razors or pricey night creams, we often have no choice but to pay more on our beauty budget than our male counterparts, and quite frankly we're tired of it.

Well, it's 2019 and slowly but surely we're edging closer to achieving gender equality, starting with paying the same damn price for a haircut. Salons are beginning to stand up to the patriarchy and finally charge men (who pay on average around £20 less) the same price for a cut and finish.


A London salon has become the latest to tackle the gender beauty price gap by charging one set price for a standard haircut, regardless of gender.

Susannah Richardson and Katie Knox, who run Butchers Salon in Hackney, made the decision to make their prices gender neutral when they realised that as women in business, they could do something to change the industry for the better.

"Historically, there has been a price gap between men and women and we've had that since we opened because it's such a tradition," Susannah told HuffPost UK.

"We've always tried to compete against barber shops - and as a small company we were concerned we'd scare men away - but we realised we were basing prices purely on gender, and that's against our principles."


But Butchers Salon isn't the first place to make the switch - one salon in Derry recently decided the price of a haircut should be dependent on the length of your hair... not your gender.

Co-founders of RoCo Hair Academy told Stylist: "We believe that the common practice of pricing based on men or women is outdated.

"Realistically, we have found that the services for a man or woman based on the length of their hair takes the same time, the same practice and the same product.


"Why should a lady with short hair pay any more than a man with short hair? Or, a man with long hair pay less than a woman with long hair?"

Another woman keen to breakdown the gender price gap is Czech Republic born Klara Vanova, who runs Barberette in Hackney.

She describes her gender neutral barber shop as a "hairdressing hub, not a salon," and that's how she sets her pricing too.


Having set up her business in 2012 because of her own short hair, Klara admits she used to find it terrifying going to a hairdressers and telling them what length she wanted.

"They will persuade me that the haircut will look too masculine on me, or it will not suit me or it will be too short," she told the BBC.


"We offer barber haircuts, which are sharp, clippered haircuts, as well as long hair or texturising haircuts and we don't put the gender on them. We put our foot down saying, well, why would you be charged more?


"So we offer the haircut the client wants, or if a woman wants very short hair, she knows she can come to us and we give her exactly that, as short as she wants or as long as she wants or as long as he wants."

So come on, hairdressers, salons and barbershop owners, help stand up and put an end to the gender beauty price gap.

Topics: Hair & Beauty, Style News

Emma Rosemurgey
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