Raspberry Cola Is The Hair Colour Of 2020 And Instagram Is Obsessed

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Raspberry Cola Is The Hair Colour Of 2020 And Instagram Is Obsessed

With a new year and more importantly a new decade fast approaching, it feels like the perfect time to undergo a transformation of sorts.

And while we're not suggesting anything major, we have been mesmerised by one particular beauty trend that has emerged this winter - and that's the 'raspberry cola' hair colour.


Sounding as delicious as it looks, the glossy colour is a myriad of deep red and warm brown hues that creates the most magical and multi-dimensional look that perfectly complements the holiday season.


The drink-worthy 'do follows in the footsteps of fellow hair trends inspired by food and drink such as Mulled Wine and Toasty Melt hair trends.

Best achieve when created in a balayage or ombré style, the trend sees brown hair brightened up with ribbons of red tones - some warmer auburn, some more on the berry side, but all with the same outcome: a mouth-watering raspberry cola look.

Jonathan Turner and Sophie Gibson, who recently won Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Technicians of the Year 2019, told Tyla about the trend: "Let your hair drink up the new flavour of 'raspberry cola' this wintertime.


"It has the tasty zing of fruity red merged with the deeper hue of our favourite fizzy pop!"

The hairdressing duo, who work at Newcastle's Hooker & Young salon, added: "Hold up a bottle of cola to the light and you'll see the sweep of brown to warm reddy tones as it swishes around.

"That's the kind of feel that this indulgent spicy shade will give as your hair moves about. Rich warmth cascading through your hair whilst everything is cold outside!"

Although you could try to achieve the trend at home, the stylists said it's best to attempt the look with the help of professional as "it requires a melee of different shades to get the nicest effect."


Should you be eyeing up the colour, they explained what to ask your hairdresser: "The ideal is to ask your salon stylist for a combination of cool violets, Ribena cassis colours, and chocolate so that your hair takes on a multi-dimensional and delicious look.

"For a really striking, dramatic mulled wine balayage effect, ask for your hair to be pre-lightened with highlights so that when the raspberry browns are added, they really ping."

While the look is sure to make a statement, Jonathan and Sophie suggest purchasing colour depositing shampoo to wash your hair with at home to maintain the striking colour.


"For upkeep, the reds will start to fade to a brighter copper hue, so if you want to maintain the mahogany wine feel, check back to the salon for a toner and a monthly gloss treatment," they said.

"At home, invest in a colour depositing shampoo with a red tint to help keep your style looking fresh and full of life."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Mane Champagne

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