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Mulled Cider Hair Is The Festive Beauty Trend You Need To Try

Mulled Cider Hair Is The Festive Beauty Trend You Need To Try

Mulled cider hair is the beauty trend you need to try this Christmas.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

It might not be the most festive Yuletide we've ever had this year, but one thing that's sure to make you feel a bit more Christmassy is a makeover.

Scrolling through social media lately, we couldn't help notice a trend emerging. Picture after picture showed people sporting warm blonde locks with toasty, honeyed highlights.

And that's when it hit us - the winter hair dye trend of 2020 is pretty much an ode to the sweet, boozy mulled cider. Very apt, for this time of year, if you ask us.

Speaking to Tyla, award winning celebrity hairstylist Heather Dapaah concurred: "The 'Mulled Cider' colour is everywhere right now and is definitely having a moment.

"We have just come from a season where lots of people were being more experimental and daring with their locks, but due to the weather changing and it now being winter, many people tend to transition to more warm and richer tones."

She added: "Warmer hair shades tend to compliment the skin more by giving your complexion a little boost and helps to make your complexion more radiant, compared to cooler/icy tones we all love in the summer.

"Also, I think fashion has an impact on this trend, as again warmer shades within our clothing and accessories are in."

Check out some of our fave examples below:

So, how do you achieve the mulled cider look?

Well, you might have to wait until salons re-open, we're afraid, as Heather says this is absolutely not one to try at home.

"This gorgeous colour contains lots of different highlights and multi-tones, making it harder to achieve when not in a salon - especially if you are transitioning from a darker shade as hair will need to be bleached first, which can leave it extremely brittle," she explained.

"To achieve this look at the salon, ask for 'honey blonde tones with highlights'," she added. "This will give you a warm golden honey shade with the soft lighter highlights".

Ahead of this, it's important you have a consultation with your colourist to discuss "how high you need to lift your natural hair" and the best approach in terms of products to use.

"If you are going from dark, I would suggest using something like Olaplex or similar, to help lift your hair safely. If you are already light, this will be a lot easier to achieve," she said.

Heather - who has been coined the 'Hollywood Waves' stylist for textured hair - advises that you also shouldn't be afraid of telling your stylist if you used a box dye at home, as this could actually essentially change the type of products that you use.

Plus, with every treatment, make sure you have a patch test 48 hours before your appointment, so you can check if there is any itchiness or redness.

Noted. We have a feeling this will be our new look as soon as we're allowed back into the hairdressers.

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