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Lush Launches New Palm Oil-Free Soap To Save Endangered Sumatran Orangutans

Lush Launches New Palm Oil-Free Soap To Save Endangered Sumatran Orangutans

All profits from the soaps go towards reclaiming the natural habitats of these endangered animals.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Cosmetics brand Lush just released a brand new palm oil-free soap to help raise funds to save critically endangered Sumatran orangutans.

It's no longer a secret that palm oil harvesting in Indonesia is destructing the habitat of these beautiful creatures, and Lush wants to do its bit to help save them.

Palm oil manifests in nearly all of our cosmetic products often hiding under many other guises, so it is only feels right that big brands are stepping up to put things right in any way they can - there are currently only 14,600 Sumatran orangutans left in the wild.

The new palm-oil free soaps from Lush are shaped like little orangutans and are made from extra virgin coconut oil ethically sourced from Sumatra.

Lush's soaps have a gorgeous citrus and patchouli scent, and will be sold in in-store and online for £8.25.

Every single penny from each Orangutan soap will go towards the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) and its local partner on the ground, Orangutan Information Centre (OIC).

Orangutan soap.

The bath bomb and soap specialist is hoping to raise awareness about deforestation, as well as help SOS and OIC to purchase 50 hectares of palm plantation and restore it back to native forest.

There's a total of these 14,600 soaps on offer, meaning they are 'as precious as the primate it is helping protect'. Each soap will help to claim back land for wild orangutans.

Lush explains that once they are gone they're gone - exactly like the orangutans of the Sumatran forest.

Alongside the soap is a limited edition palm oil-free SOS shampoo bar, which comes in at £8.50 with all proceeds going to the same cause.

This soap bar contains moringa seed powder, softening virgin coconut oil and uplifting patchouli and orange oils.

SOS shampoo bar.

Lush launched its #SOSsumatra campaign last November, raising over £126,000, and hopes to do the same again this year.

You can find out more about other palm oil-free products here.

Featured Image Credit: Lush

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