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Instaception Is The New Instagram Makeup Trend On The Block

Instaception Is The New Instagram Makeup Trend On The Block

This new make up trend is one of the most creative ideas we've seen.

Niamh Spence

Niamh Spence

Instaception - no, it's not the name of a new movie. It's a new Instagram makeup trend and looks incredible... although we're not sure we'd ever be able to pull it off.

How it basically works is you apply your makeup as normal and then you add the Instagram border around it to make it look like a post. The idea of the frame is so it looks like a screenshot of an Instagram post, fully complete with the like, comment, and share buttons, all painted on your face.

You would leave the the rest of your face bare and only apply makeup to the area you intent to screenshot.

Who started this bizarre yet fascinating trend you ask? Well it all started when beauty vlogger Dom Ski experimented with painting on his face. He posted the result on his Instagram with the caption: "Picture perfect, I had this idea stuck in my head for a while now, didn't execute it as well as I could have but oh well."

He received plenty of praise on his unique look with one person commenting saying: "Wow great idea"

Another person said: "This is so stunning and creative," while a third fan added: "This look is literally ICONIC."

Soon enough other vloggers, bloggers and beauty buffs jumped on the bandwagon and many interpreted the look in their own way.

Some people have created more than one screenshot on their face and others have added eyes and lips all over their face.

We wouldn't wear this look to go shopping in but it'd be fab for a fancy dress party. If someone asks what have you come as - "Erm I'm an Instagram post."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kirstielauren18/Bex Lecter

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