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How To Make Your Hair Washes Last Longer Between Workouts

How To Make Your Hair Washes Last Longer Between Workouts

We're exercising more but we don't want to over-wash out hair. What do we do?

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Anyone else washing their hair waaaaay too much for a lockdown?

Theoretically, we'd love to be one of those people that's washing their hair once a week max, giving it a much-needed break while we're barely seeing anyone.

But you can't have it all, and because we're choosing to exercise more in lockdown (I know right, check us out) we're being left with sweaty, matted, greasy strands that we're hankering to douse in shampoo pretty much the second we come up from our last squat.

The problem is, we've already been told how bad washing your hair too often is (stripping it of its natural oils yada yada), so what's the alternative?

How do we keep our hair looking presentable, while exercising most days AND not over-washing it? Seems like an impossible conundrum, doesn't it? *Sigh.*

Most of us are exercising more thanks to lockdown, and it's leaving our hair super sweaty (

The obvious option is dry shampoo, and we stand by it as the best way to mask grease in between washes (we love this option by Living Proof), but there are some other ways to keep our hair washes lasting longer between workouts.

Jonny Long, salon owner, co-founder of hair and skincare brand Saunders & Long and all-round hair expert, told Tyla: "When people sweat during a workout, natural instinct is often to wash their hair in the shower afterwards.

"I'm not an advocate of daily hair washing regardless of exercise, as shampoo can dry the hair out."


He continued: "As an alternative, I recommend just washing your hairline or fringe, as this is where you tend to sweat more."

This makes sense and can easily be achieved if you keep your hair in a bun while showering, and apply small amounts of shampoo to your hairline and rinse off.

"Another option is to simply rinse and condition the hair after a workout - but leave out the shampoo," says Jonny.

"This will help your hair feel refreshed without the drying effects of shampoo."

Jonny also suggests that those with long hair experiment with up-dos for workouts such as braids and plaits. "You'll have a nice new curly look when you take them out!" he says.

Up-dos are a good way to mask great and keep your hair looking fresh (

So there you have it: for fresh hair without throwing in the towel on your exercise, wash the hairline only, rinse and condition only, or try some cute up-dos.


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