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How To Cut Your Boyfriend's Hair Without Ruining His Life

How To Cut Your Boyfriend's Hair Without Ruining His Life

Here's your 101 on playing barber.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

With the barbers out of bounds and couples with a lot of time on their hands thanks to isolation, women are bravely cutting their boyfriend's hair.

In the pursuit of staying fresh, men up and down the country are handing the clippers to their partners - and for some part, the results have been disastrous.

Luckily, this needn't be the bleak outlook for all, and by following just a few simple steps, you can cut your boyfriend's hair at home without it ending in a breakup.

Tyla has tapped salon owner and L'Oreal colour expert Ruby Hook for the low-down on how to cut men's hair three different ways.

Tyla consulted a professional for how to cut your boyfriend's hair at home (

For just a trim...

If you're in need of an isolation tidy up, Ruby recommends using hair scissors, but if they aren't an option, a small scissors or a good set of clippers will have to do.

"You can do this as a dry or wet cut," says Ruby. "Begin by using a comb to brush the hair down, and then slowly take off the ends and edges using your fingers and scissors."

Next, Ruby recommends using the clippers to neaten up the neck line. "Try not to take off too much when you do it as it is a trim and not a full on hair cut," she warns.

For a buzzcut...

If your man wants you to whack the lot off with a buzzcut, you'll need a good pair of clippers.

"First, you need to decide what length you would like and select what guard you will need," says Ruby. "On dry hair, take the clippers to the top of the head and move against the grain (front to back) in a straight, repetitive motion."

A successful buzzcut will require a good pair of clippers (

For a fade...

We've all seen the professional fades on Instagram that look as if they've been carved by angles. They look impossible to achieve in real life, don't they? Correct.

In fact, Ruby says fades should be left to the professionals. "No matter the hair type - straight or afro hair - to achieve the results of a barber would be hard and could leave you looking uneven."

So, budding barbers, we hate so say 'stay in your lane', but...

When deciding when the hair needs a cut, Ruby warns that all hair grows differently and has different textures and growth patterns. "Depending on what type of hair you have, will determine how often you will need to have it cut/ shaped up," she explains.

"For example, curly hair maintains a round shape as it grows and could last two plus weeks, but thinner, straighter hair can start sticking out after just a week."

Cutting your hair at home is doable in self-isolation (

And what about our own hair? Of course, we're all counting down the seconds until we can be back in our favourite salon, but until then, here are some tips for cutting your own hair at home.

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