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Plum Pudding Hair Is Our Favourite Festive Beauty Trend Yet

Plum Pudding Hair Is Our Favourite Festive Beauty Trend Yet

Hair that's good enough to eat.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

If you're looking to have a festive glow up this holiday season, then we've found the perfect look for you.

There's a new hair trend sweeping the nation, and it's inspired by a Christmas staple.

Introducing: Plum pudding hair, the new dark, purply hue that adds the perfect wintry nod to your aesthetic, while also looking good enough to eat.

We're spotting this hair colour being sported more and more as the months turn colder, and seeing as plum puddings will soon be on tables across the country, there couldn't be a better time of year to get on board and try it for yourself.

Speaking to Tyla, Jason Hall, Scottish Hairdresser of the Year 2019, explains: "Plum pudding hair is all about deliciously dark and fruity tones inspired by the colour of plums and the chocolate brown bases of our traditional steamed puddings.

"Moving between the smoothness of maroon and aubergine purple and dusky highlights of silvery lilac, these tones sit beautifully on a dark base to give a shimmer and shine result. It's perfect for wintery skies when your hair can brighten up grey days!"

So, how do you achieve the look? According to Jason, it's all about "bleeding" the colour lower down your locks.

"Leave your roots au natural to bleed into a deep grape hue," he says. "You will need to ask your stylist to lighten your hair for the purples to stand out, but if you start lower down the hair line, you won't have to commit to regular dye upkeep.

"Root stretches are becoming more popular too, so don't be afraid to leave them dark whilst the ends of your hair sports the lighter tones of ruby and berry."

He adds: "If you're a colour newcomer and want to embrace the warmth of plum, try tip-dying the ends of your hair. Demi Lovato recently had poker red ends on her black hair. Try raspberry or dark amethyst shades to add some impact to your bob in the same way!"

Now, we get it. This look is pretty bold. So if you're after something a little more understated you could simply opt for a purple gloss, which Jason promises will "give your locks a sheen of colour that glints purple in the lights."

Festive, but not too out there. We like it.

If you're keen to make the colour last for as long as possible, you might want to hold off on washing your hair too regularly.

"Reds and blue based colours are known to fade, so invest in some dry shampoo to eke out the days between washes," he warns. "In fact, try to go as long as possible before washing your hair after your first salon appointment.

"If you can brave it too, rinse in cold water as the lower temperature won't take as much colour out of your hair, and will also work to smooth the cuticle.

"In the same vein, avoid high temperatures from hairdryers and hot styling tools as heat can blanche out the vibrant colours you've just paid to put in. Finally tend to the lengths and ends with oil so that hair is kept in tip-top condition."

For hair this delicious, we're game.

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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