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Christmas Pudding Hair Is The Ultimate Festive Beauty Trend

Joanna Freedman


Christmas Pudding Hair Is The Ultimate Festive Beauty Trend

Featured Image Credit: PA

If you're thinking of changing your hair over Christmas, then why not take inspiration from your dinner table?

We're not talking about brussels sprout locks or beige turkey coloured tresses. Oh no, we're talking Christmas pudding hair - the warm, fiery brown colour with hints of fruity red that everybody seems to be sporting this holiday season.

Just a flick through Instagram and you'll see loads of models donning the festive shade, and we're feeling it, tbh.

Speaking to Tyla, Paul Dennison, Colour Director at Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff, has explained the appeal behind copying the colour tones of our favourite pud.

"The tones of this rich, deep tasty dessert are the latest springboard for hair colouring. Its russet infused browns, pops of baked cherry reds and dark ginger glow are the perfect seasonal flavour shades for your hair," he says.

"Throughout the winter we see more of a trend for warmer, deeper tones coming back into play. As skin naturally fades out of a summer tan, lightened hair runs the risk of looking a bit one tone and nude.

"Introducing warmth gives the cheeks a little more rosiness and paler skin a pop."

Sounds good to us.

Of course, it's up to you how extreme you take the Christmas pudding hair trend, but expert Paul says less is more.

"Dua Lipa has recently gone for a dramatic blonde overlaid on darker hair underneath. It's a bit reminiscent of a an actual Christmas pudding with the icing on top! But that old school contrasting effect is not what this new trend is all about," he says.

"You want different colours laced through your hair; subtle hints just like the similarities of currants, raisons, and sultanas - browns that compliment each other but which catch the light and give you dimension."

So how do you go about achieving this look for yourself?

Copy the festive dessert's warm shade of brown (Credit: Flickr)
Copy the festive dessert's warm shade of brown (Credit: Flickr)

"Ask your stylist for maroon and sangria highlights," Paul advises.

"If you really want to stay true to the Christmas pud and all its spectrum of fruit, brave it with candied cherry red or copper shimmers all over a base of pecan, gingerbread browns and deep mocha for a multi-tonal feast."

He adds: "If you prefer a rich mahogany red colour, then this will work on fair heads and brunettes."

However, be aware that the redder you go, the quicker the dye will wash out. To combat this, Paul recommends trying out a colour enhancing shampoo to keep your hair looking luscious and bright.

"You can also buy pigment depositing red shampoos which will help increase the length of vibrancy in between salon visits," he says.

This warming colour doesn't have to be a forever choice, either.

Paul adds: "If you want to test it out, go for a semi-permanent and if you're naturally dark haired, a red gloss can give a beautiful sheen to the follicles, helping your hair look super healthy".


Who's going to try this look out this Christmas? You'll look good enough to eat.

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Joanna Freedman
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